Chocolate Cupcake Fizzy Bath Powder Recipe |

This fizzy bath recipe is pure joy! It’s the perfect remedy to a busy, stressed-out day:  you’re smiling as you make it and giggling when you use it! It’s completely all-natural, and if you don’t already have the ingredients in your kitchen – you’re going to want to pop into the supermarket, today! And parents, if you’re little one ever complains about not wanting to take a bath – whip this up! It’s some kind of magical thing that just makes everyone instantly happy! (don’t worry,  clean up is easy. Had to be said!)

Chocolate Cupcake Fizzy Bath Powder Recipe |

Though a fizzy bath powder may seem like just a bit of silly fun, these ingredients are seriously good for your skin and health!

  • raw chocolate: Tops the charts in antioxidant levels – it’s even higher than blueberries! Raw chocolate help to protect your skin from free radicals which can cause the effects of early ageing.
  • baking soda:  Both antibacterial and antifungal, baking soda helps to keep your skin clean. A baking soda bath is a great remedy for acne and nail fungus or irritated itchy skin.
  • epsom salts: Delivers minerals to your body, which directly affect your health and wellbeing. Epsom salt consists of magnesium sulphate, which can be absorbed by the skin, replenishing mineral deficiencies.  It even helps our body to better absorb nutrients in the that food we eat. Epsom salts are used to relieve tired aching muscles and as a detox treatment to pull out toxins from the body, especially heavy metals.
  • citric acid: this is what reacts with the baking soda, to create that fun fizzy action, but it also has great skin properties of it’s own. Citric acid is a natural fruit acid, which is high in Vitamin C – the beauty vitamin. It helps to build collagen and keep our skin bright and youthful.
  • vanilla: A mood enhancer, the scent of vanilla evokes feeling of calm and happiness.
  • sprinkles: ok, this part is just a bit of silly fun – which,  is also very, very good for you!

Let’s see it in action! 

Chocolate Cupcake Fizzy Bath Powder Recipe |

Have fun making your own things. Take the time to disconnect. Use lovely, natural ingredients and be kind to our planet and to your body. Sure, you can buy something like this – but making it is half the fun! Enjoy!

Chocolate Cupcake Fizzy Bath Powder Recipe

  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1/2 cup epsom salts
  • 1/4 cup citric acid
  • 1/4 cup raw cacao powder
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp almond, olive or coconut oil
  • sprinkles
  1. mix all the dry ingredients together
  2. blend the oil and vanilla extract together

  3. pour the wet mixture over the dry and work together with your hands.
  4. get in the bath, and sprinkle the powder in!

Tip for parents: give your kids a tray with the chocolate bath powder on top. It feels like wet sand, let them shape and play with it and watch them erupt in laughter as it gets wet and starts to fizz up!

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I hope you’re getting as excited about whole food skincare as I am. Just get started, and you could have your first natural skincare product in just 5 minutes!

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10 responses to “Chocolate Cupcake Fizzy Bath Powder Recipe”

  1. Hi Militza,
    I look forward to your new posts each week! The Chocoalte fizzy bath, in the ingredients:have I read over it or is the amount of raw chocolate missing? It is MONDAY, so I may just be reading over it 🙂

    • Hi Angie! You’re right – I did leave it out – it’s all fixed now, thanks for letting me know! I wrote this post on a Monday, so I think I’ll have to use that excuse myself! :))

      it was: 1/4 cup raw cacao powder


    • Hi! Depends on where you live – if it’s not humid, you can mix it ahead of time and use when needed. If there’s humidity in the hair, it may lose its fizz after some time.

      The great thing is that since it’s a dry powder, it lasts for a very long time without worry of it going bad.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Just wondering…Would it be something to worry about if ingested? Only asking because if I let the little one use it for the bath and she happens to try and drink it, I wouldn’t want to have to worry about her getting sick. Obviously its not something I’d let her drink in the first place, but they can be quick!

    • Hi Shanria!

      I know how quick they can be! ha! While it would seem like kids would be tempted to eat this, it doesn’t taste very nice. It’s the same with our homemade play dough – it smells nice, but it doesn’t taste nice. So even if she did try it, no major drama – she probably wouldn’t want to go in for more 🙂

      baking soda and citric acid are the same ingredients they use to make fizzy pop candies. It’s harmless when eaten. And many people drink epsom salts to detox (I’m not saying you should) So the ingredients are edible. But that said, best if she doesn’t 🙂

    • Hi Ashley, yes I would definitely use vanilla extract – I don’t use fragrance in my recipes, only whole food kitchen ingredients 🙂 Let us know if you make it!

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