My brand new SIMPLIFY Skin Spring recipe book is ready for you!! ? ?

I’m so excited for you to see what’s inside and to dive right in!

Get your copy of SIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Spring today |

SIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Spring is all about how to take seasonal, grocery store staples – and turn them into really good, safe & effective skincare. What you’ll make at home for yourself, will blow your mind and fill you with anticipation! It does me every time!

Get your copy of SIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Spring today |
In this guide book I’m going to show you how to make a complete, swoonworthy, skincare collection – for a fraction of the cost that you’d spend at a beauty store.

Each of the 14 recipes has been thoughtfully written so there’s no messing around. You’ll get straight to creating healthy and incredible recipes that will leave you glowing and more confident than ever.

Get your copy of SIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Spring today |


I wanted to give you a plan that you can easily start and follow – to see the difference that natural skincare makes.

Inspired by Spring, this season’s collection is all about treating your skin to flowers, herbs and lots of fresh bright greens. Yes! Green skincare! ?

Get your copy of SIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Spring today |

The Greens Powdered Cleanser is one of my favorites. But also the Corn Flower Scrub buffs like nothing else. It uses cornflour – a brand new ingredient that you’ll really enjoying trying out! Oh – and the Spring Chocolate Cleanser & Mask… uh-mazing!

Watch this video to see more details

Remember, you never need to spend a ton of money on buying products to care for your skin well. That’s why I wanted to create this book – and price it affordably – so that you can provide really good things for yourself.

Just like a favorite cookbook – you’ll have this handy guide for making healthy skincare, that works!

  • Herbs & Flowers guide & Pantry Staples guide: the first half of the book goes through all of the ingredients, so that you can make swaps for your skin type.
  • Recipe guide: then you get right into 14 step-by-step, beautifully photographed recipes for your daily skincare plan, plus a weekly self care routine to spring into!
  • And there’s more: printable shopping lists, ingredients quick customization guide and at-a-glance skincare plans make creating the perfect skincare routine easy.

Best of all, I’ve recorded two special video workshops exclusively for the Spring guide.

Hydrosols & Oil Infusions are two key ingredients in luxury skincare products – I’ll show to how to make them step-by-step.

You’ll see the exact techniques I use to create these amazing skincare ingredients at a fraction of what they cost in stores!

It’s easy to think that we’re too busy to make it yourself – but I promise you it can be done, and it’s simple! Once you start, not only will you absolutely love the changes that you see and feel; you’ll never look back. I know I haven’t!

If you have questions, leave me a comment below I’ll be checking in!

xo, Militza

Get your copy of SIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Spring today |

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