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A few years ago, it was two days before Christmas and my parents were visiting. After weeks of malls and shopping crowds – I had all my gifts finally checked off – except for my Dad’s. I was so stressed about not finding the right gift, and I was short on time.

He loves being pampered, I think I learned self-love from him! So I walked into a spa skincare store, and came out with a $50 bottle of massage oil.

Today, I know better.

I can make the same thing for just a couple of dollars, skip the multiple trips to the mall and actually enjoy the act of giving! That’s what the holidays should be about, celebrating and sharing… where did crowds and overspending come in?

Handmade gifts reconnect us with the intention of the season.

So this year, here’s what I want you to do.

Plan yourself a weekend of making at home with your cup of tea, a holiday movie playing and all your beautiful, fragrant ingredients set out. It’s blissful – and that’s exactly how we should feel when we’re giving a gift to someone special.

Your friends don’t want you running around in malls, spending too much money on last-minute things. They will love knowing that you spent time, happily making something just for them! They’ll feel the love and creativity that went into it.

That’s why I created this brand new handmade skincare recipe book. It’s called…

SIMPLIFY Skin: Handmade for the Holidays!


It has FIVE amazing skincare recipes that make great gifts for your friends, loved ones and yourself. They’re each so unique, I had a lot of fun creating the recipes and wanted to make something different, that stands up to anything you could buy in a store!

The recipe book goes on sale next week, but as a handmade gift from me to you, I’d like to share one of the recipes, my Chai Tea Bath Salts here!

UPDATE: “SIMPLIFY Skin: Handmade for the Holidays” is now available for purchase.
Go check it out!

Simplify your holiday, to make room for the things that truly matter! Enjoy!

Chai Tea Bath Salts Recipe


Chai Bath Salts envelop you with the warm, exotic scents of spices, vanilla and ginger. Creamy oats make the water rich and silky, white tea nourishes the skin and traditional chai spices come together to perk up and stimulate your skin.

These bath salt jars are the perfect gift for the season! Include a muslin bag with a little spoon and the directions.




  • In a large bowl, mix all of the ingredients together
  • Blend well and pot into a nice jar
  • For a gift, include a reusable muslin bag to fill up with bath salts

to use:

  • Fill a muslin bag with 1/2 up of chai bath salt
  • Place in the tub, it will steep as the warm water fills up
  • Breathe in the scent and relax!
UPDATE: “SIMPLIFY Skin: Handmade for the Holidays” is now available for purchase.
Let me know what you think!

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