I know making time for “one more thing” feels impossible. So much goes into keeping up with life’s demands, responding to other people’s agendas, caring for others people’s needs…

It’s easy to say: “I just don’t have the time.”

But I think it’s vital to give time to things that give you energy and fill you up.

I’m talking about self-care, and here’s why you have to make it work.

One of the most powerful relationships that you can build is the relationship with yourself. To know deeply and intimately what you need, what you want and to know how to provide it for yourself. It truly makes you better at everything you do.

Don’t wait until January, don’t make this a resolution. Start now and make self-care a lifestyle!

Give time to things that give back to you

If you feel like you’ve been neglecting yourself… it happens. But the good news is that you can change that story at any time!

If you feel yourself getting lost in the hustle, if you’ve said yes to everyone except yourself and you’re running on empty – it’s time to create a routine of self-love!

Make self-care a routine — your “non-negotiable” — so that you are always looked after. We have to do this for ourself, no one else will!

Of course it's hard to make time for yourself | littlegreendot.com

Taking care of your skin and seeing yourself look your best is such a boost, I think it’s beautiful to pamper yourself. Some people call it their “Spa Night” but, to me, that sounds like a luxury that I won’t actually do.

Instead, I call it “Nourish”.

It reflects how it makes me feel and gives it more importance – it just feels right. Ever since I started doing a weekly nourish routine, it’s something that I find myself craving.

Nourish Routine

Your weekly skincare self-care practice

Of course it's hard to make time for yourself | littlegreendot.com

I believe that natural beauty is a radical act of self love, that just ripples out. There’s nothing like putting the kettle on, turning on some music, running a bath and making yourself a nourishing face mask or delicious body scrub to care for your body. It touches so many points: mind, body and soul – like a practice of mindful meditation that leaves you restored: feeling and looking – absolutely beautiful from the inside out. Even with food all over your face! 🙂

Of course it's hard to make time for yourself | littlegreendot.com

Here’s what I think makes for a perfect self care session, I hope it inspires you to create one too!

Your 3-Step Nourish Routine

1. Set the date

Whether you do a Self Care Sunday, Me Time Monday… Treat Day Thursday… whatever it is –  find that day in the week that you can dedicate 10, 15 or 20 minutes to yourself and make it a non-negotiable. Do something simple and good for yourself – the effects are skin deep, truly rejuvenating in every way!

2. Set the mood

Plan out something fun in advance, that you can look forward to.

Listen to a podcast: Mortified is hilarious and will have you cracking up out loud.  Adults read their childhood diaries outloud in front of a live audience.

Read a good book: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear is amazing – for creative people and anyone putting themselves out there. I actually listened to the book on Audible and loved it.

Burn a candle: these soy-based candles by Little Barn Apothecary are wonderful.

Play some good music! Have you heard Yuna’s songs? She’s great!

Eat food! Make a honey lemon tea to sip on, make yourself some brownie bites, or a fresh green juice to go with your skincare treatments. I’m getting all excited thinking about it. Skincare always works best inside and out!

3. Care for your skin

A good weekly deep-care session, maintains healthy skin. With consistency,  you will see your skin thrive. I’m a big fan of a mask a scrub and a hair treatment. Twenty minutes and you’re like new again!

There’s something so gratifying about caring for your self lovingly. Let yourself get into the whole process, as you make your whole food skincare and use it. There’s no rush, breathe in the scents and enjoy the moment

PRO TIP: Mise en place!

This tip is not just for cooking. Having all your DIY products and mood setters, all laid out, and ready to go is super smart. It makes the whole event feel calm and special. Put in the early work, it’s worth it!

If you don’t nail it the first day – thats’s ok! Make it better the next week. It’s all about learning what works best for you – and if you do this consistently – in no time you will see your skin, and well being absolutely shine!

I hope you’re inspired to get started! Don’t forget to set the date – and commit to spending more time on the things that matter!

Have you been making yourself a priority? If you’re thinking “not enough”, tell us in the comments how you’re going to start making more time for yourself — mind, body and soul.

6 responses to “Of course it’s hard to make time for yourself”

  1. Hi, just wanted to say I love your ideas! Cleaned my fridge and chopping board with your vinegar solution yesterday and everything sparkles! I have a baby now, so green cleaning is more important than ever. And so is taking 10 minutes for myself every day. Will try your face scrub recipes.
    Can also highly recommend ‘Mortified’!!! Started listening to it a while back and it’s great entertainment! ‘The Allusionist’ is great for people who love knowing more about the origins of words and language and another favourite podcast of mine is BBC’s ‘Desert Island Discs’. Fab for relaxing and learning a thing or two!
    Phew, this was only meant to be a brief comment saying: ‘You’re doing an awesome job! Thank you!’

  2. I love your site and all the great tips you’ve shared. Finally had to take note of the time for myself and wow, such a difference to just chill out for a bit.

    Thank you for sharing and helping me save time and feel more relaxed.
    Hugs, Lori m

  3. As a woman of 50, finding time for myself is so much easier as my children are grown and gone. The last few years I’ve done a great deal to care for myself because I have less demands from others and I finally realized that if I didn’t do it for myself, no one else was going to! My message is for those of you who are young, new mothers, or mothers in the middle of raising children: MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF! Demand that you get some time, even if 30 min. a week to just breathe, think, read, walk, or sleep. Whatever soothes your soul! You’ll be a better you and therefore a better mom, wife, worker, etc. I wish I’d had the epiphany decades ago!! There would have been many difficult times in my life I could have avoided or at least reduced. I’m encouraging my daughters, one of whom is a new mom, to make sure they take time for themselves. Men don’t even blink an eye about ‘guy time’ and we women must begin to do the same! Take time and do not apologize or feel guilty about it!!
    My time is when I do a weekly body scrub, do zumba twice a week, have a drink with my best friend at least once a month, talk to my daughters, hold my granddaughter while she sleeps, and buy a few rather items that make me feel decadent. Figure out what you need and DO IT girls!!!!

  4. How would a single mother of 4 including a nursing one year old who falls constantly, take that time? I’m still figuring it out. I console myself that I only have God to answer to when I pass so just take that extra 15 minutes in bed or that 3rd cup of coffee…. Sad but true…

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