Herbal Powder Face Mask to soothe skin & mood.

earthy, herbal goodness

Herbal remedies have made their way back into our kitchens, and you can also make them part of your everyday skincare routine. If you feel inspired to use herbs to nourish healthy skin, an herbal face mask made from powdered dry herbs is a really good way of getting started.

Herbal skincare

For thousands of years, people have used herbs to heal and nourish the skin. We prepared skincare with herbs like we prepare food, feeding phytonutrients that our body uses to create strong, healthy, resilient skin. Its only in our recent history where we’ve lost touch with nature – as beauty products filled our lives.

I think is so important for everyone to know that you can simplify your skincare routine and create amazing results – with something that nature provides, that you can grow yourself and make from your own pantry.

dried herbs ground to a powder

When you use herbal skincare, it can be so transformative because herbs have both medicinal qualities and aromatic qualities that support your physical wellbeing and emotional wellbeing. For example, mint has therapeutic qualities that help to cool and alleviate any redness, sting or itch on your skin. And the aromatics help to refresh and invigorate your mood.

When someone asks me for a customized skincare consultation – I look at what their immediate skin care needs are (dry skin, inflammation, excess oils..) and then I ask about their emotional needs – and from there I can pick the right herbs that will take care of or shift their whole state of being.

I truly believe that clean, safe skincare like this should be accessible and affordable to everyone. You can simplify your skincare routine and create amazing results – with something that nature provides, that you can grow yourself or stock in your own pantry.

Herbs can be infused into oil, turned into salves and ointments. You can steam herbs for facials, bathe with herbs. They can be dried and powdered and used as facial masks… there are so many different applications and benefits.

Here’s a remedy that you can make with powdered dried herbs to soothe and soften dry, stressed-out skin. Perfect for someone who feels like they’re too busy, constantly on the go – this blend stores for one month!

Keep it with your skincare and create the opportunity to slow down, connect with nature and make your skin feel incredible.

dry herbal powder / mixed with water

Herbal Facial Mask to Soothe and Soften Dry, Stressed-out Skin


  • 1/4 cup oat flour ( to soften and soothe)
  • 2 tbsp dried chamomile (a powerful relaxing antioxidant)
  • 2 tbsp dried rose petals ( helps skin retain plump hydration)
  • 4 drops cardamom essential oil (warming and soothing, calms upset in the body and mind )


  • Add all herbs to a clean, dry blender (bullet blender or high-powered blender is best)
  • Blend until all of the herbs have broken down as finely as possible
  • Add oat flour and essential oil and blend a few seconds to incorporate
  • Transfer to a glass container with lid
  • Will store for 1 month

To use:

  • Spoon out 1 tsp of powder to a bowl
  • Add slow trickle of water to form thick paste
  • Add 2–3 drops of oil or your favorite serum
  • Mix well and then apply the herbal mask to your clean face
  • Allow to sit for 15 minutes
  • Wash off in the shower, for a mess-free experience
  • Apply 2-3 drops of your favorite serum immediately after to lock in all the goodness

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  • militza

    Your remedy is great. I used it once. Can I use it daily?

  • militza

    I have to say, I love this recipe! I’m always doing clay face masks and never remember to go back to simple plain kitchen ingredients…seems the right time to make this recipe. Perhaps if I substitute water with a hydrosol, I’d make it a bit more soothing! Thanks for the idea :)

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