Homemade Vanilla Coffee

Restaurants are such a fantastic source for recipe ideas! Always keep a look out. Last night I was out with my husband at a new cafe – I ordered what I always do, a cappuccino – but this one had – a subtle taste of vanilla that I went crazy for… so I came home to play and the results were equally delicious.


I wasn’t sure if they used a syrup or flavoured coffee, but I figured the easiest way to recreate it, would be to flavour the milk with a vanilla pod over a gentle heat. I threw in a cinnamon stick too, but to be honest, next time I’ll leave it out. I think vanilla makes for a good solo act. But, you can play with other flavouring ideas. What do you think? Give this a try, it’s simple, natural and something different to the usual cup.


I found the cheapest source of really good vanilla pods on iHerb. It comes in a huge bundle (around 20 pods or more) and I’ll be sharing ideas for how to use them all! (because that’s what I’ve been doing with mine :)


Homemade Vanilla Coffee


  • one vanilla pod
  • milk of choice
  • coffee


  1. Brew a cup of fresh coffee
  2. Pour milk into a pot and drop in a vanilla pod
  3. Gently warm up your milk and infuse the vanilla flavour
  4. Serve your coffee with the hot, vanilla flavoured milk

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