We have a winner! Actually, we have 5 winners! Before I announce them, thanks so much to everyone who entered – I was really blown away by the response! We had 40 great tips for green living!  We’ve chose five entries at random, but I encourage you to check out all the replies, to see how everyone is making those little changes in their daily lives. A lot of good stuff there!

So, who will be eating this yummy organic curry meal? Drumroll…


How I live a green lifestyle: being a vegan, eating local whenever possible (local fruits and veggies especially instead of air-flown food with high embedded carbon and water), using natural products, using second hand stuff instead of buying new ones, riding my bicycle whenever possible instead of taking public transport, and encouraging family and friends to live lightly on this planet too!


I encourage reusing and recycling at home. My children place recyclables in a designated basket in our kitchen and I send them to a nearby collection centre every week.

Jess Chong:

One change I’ve made towards living a greener lifestyle is I will buy refill pack of detergent and economy friendly.


One change I’ve made towards a greener lifestyle is making my own cleaning products – thanks for teaching me how simple it is at the Green Living workshop…


One change that I’ve made towards living a greener lifestyle is bringing my own lunch to work. The first thing to do when I wake up in the morning is to steam presoaked multi-grain rice in a glass lunch box, which would go into a handsewn cotton bag designed for such purposes. Also, to avoid using disposable cutlery, I always carry a pair of MUJI chopsticks with me. Green living with style

Winners, congratulations! I’ll be in touch by email in a couple of days to organise postage.

And to everyone that took part, thank you so much, and continue making those little changes in your life. Before you know it, they add up to a lot!

Here are all the entries again – be inspired!

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