Yay! It’s a giveaway! Win a yummy Organic Red Curry + Energy Rice Combo from Mekhala Living!

I’ve told you about how great their products are (so good!)… and now you can try it for yourself!  Our friends at Mekhala Living are offering us a chance to enjoy their new Organic Red Curry paste with their Organic Energy Rice! Which, I’ve tried their rice before and it’s so unique! With all those colors, it’s… pretty. It looks great served on a plate and, what can I say, I like eating pretty food. I always dress up my soup, or spruce up my salad… and this rice served with that red curry, will make for a beautiful meal. Not only that, but it’s beautifully made too – full of wholesome ingredients. And, if you are anything like me, the idea of eating good food is terribly exciting!

Mekhala Living are giving us FIVE sets – so your chances of winning this yummy combo are really high! All you have to do is leave a comment below and answer this question:

One change that I’ve made towards living a greener lifestyle is …

It can be anything – no act is too small! Remember, we can learn a lot from each other, so please leave that comment, and I hope that I’ll soon be sending you a delicious prize! Good Luck!

I’ll start – One change that I’ve made towards living a greener lifestyle is… I pack my daughters “no waste” snacks for when we’re out. Which means that I end up with a purse full of containers full of crumbs… but that’s ok, I’m always covered in crumbs anyway!

how about you? Leave your comment below! 



I’ll announce all 5 winners on Wednesday Sept, 19th! 

One comment per person.

You have to live in Singapore, because of shipping. But, if you have family or friends in Singapore, you can enter for them! 

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