Mekhala Living is a wellness brand based in Singapore that I’ve been following for a while now.  They have a healthy approach to beauty: it’s achieved by feeding your body with wholesome ingredients, from the inside and out. So if you look at their products, it’s a full range for skin, hair and nourishing foods – which is pretty unique!

Jang, the founder creates the recipes herself and has recently launched a new line of curry pastes that I’m pretty excited about. It’s made with beautiful, wholesome and organic ingredients – the kind that I would want to use if I were to grind up my own pastes! Happily, they’ve done the work for us, making it easy  to whip up a healthy meal in a pinch! Sometimes we’re pressed for time, or out of ideas for what to cook, but it shouldn’t mean that we need to compromise on our food. So it’s a good thing to stock your pantry with healthy items, especially on those days you need it most!

I’ve long been a fan of their energy rice and can’t wait to try it with the red curry paste cooked in big chunks of pumpkin and coconut milk! Here’s another way to enjoy their curry too!

Thanks for stopping by and happy eating!


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