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When it comes to beauty, many companies will tell you that the secret to achieving it, is in their bottle – so when a company comes around with an honest and refreshing view – I take note!

Beauty comes from the inside and out – to achieve it, you must nourish both. 

This is what I really like about  Mekhala Living – their focus is on total body wellness. It’s about finding pure ingredients – super foods – that when eaten and used in their body products, will provide benefits to our health…which is, as we all know, where true beauty lies. 

They offer simple foods that you can incorporate into your everyday eating, getting antioxidants and nutrients into your system and working for you. You’ll find a variety of organic rice, teas and honey.  Jang, the creator of Mekhala Living, also takes some of these ingredients and uses her background in naturopathy, to create her own healing blends for their line of body products. It’s a complete package – and I think that’s great! 

Here are my thought on some that I have tried: 

This lotion made my Favorites For January! Lightweight, lovely scent, pure natural ingredients – it’s exactly what I was looking for! 

This shampoo has the most unique scent – completely all-natural, it’s made with antioxidant rich black rice! Jang talked with me a little about the process of making this shampoo – she chose to use fermented rice (think SKII) not only for it’s benefits but to act as a natural preservative! 

I only had a small sample sachet to try, so I can’t talk about the long term effects – but, I used it for 2 days straight and what I can say is that during that week my hair behaved very well and it doesn’t always! Actually, it hardly ever does…so I’m excited about trying this one out more!

If you happen to be at the  Loewen’s Farmer’s Market, look out for their booth and make sure to stop and chat with them  – or if you go to their website, have a look at their Organic Energy Rice – I’m making a porridge with it for my baby! 


Mekhala Living are offering a 15% on your first purchase until march 31!! The code is “MEKHDOT” 

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