OSEA Seaweed Face Serums from Pure Tincture

The ladies at Pure Tincture have done it again! They are meticulous about the skincare products that they bring in and have just found a new range of face serums by OSEA that are really exciting. They’re made with mineral rich seaweeds, which are organically grown and hand-harvested from pristine waters. Then, blended with an ayurvedic mix of exotic spices that are packed with antioxidants. It sounds amazing! If you haven’t tried face serums yet, I really recommend that you do.  The molecules in serums are very small, allowing it to travel deep into the layers of the skin – much deeper than a moisturizer can. That’s why too, it’s important that you choose a serum made of all-natural and quality ingredients.

The selection process for products stocked by Pure Tincture is based on the following scoring system:

  • Performance – must be effective and do what it promises
  • Purity – must contain the highest possible percentage of pure, natural, organic and bio-dynamic ingredients
  • Non-comedogenic – must not clog the pores, and
  • Packaging – must be biodegradable or recyclable

OSEA scores highly on all these criteria so, if you’ve been thinking of trying a face serum, check out the new OSEA range at Pure Tincture.



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