I love steaming my veg – it’s quick and it helps to retain the nutrients. Recently, I’ve been plucking a few twigs of my rosemary and tossing it in the water. It imparts such a lovely herb scent and flavour to the veg! Try this at home! I reckon any herb will work, especially when you’re getting to the end of a packet and not sure how to use it, or if you have a plant at home –  it just takes a few snips. Easy!


What do you do with your steam water?

  1. Use it to water your plants
  2. Use it to cook rice or quinoa
  3. Use it to make a stock. If you’re not making a stock in the next few days, pour into an ice cube tray and freeze.
  4. Use it to clean/flush the toilet. Allow to cool, remove the herbs, add a splash of vinegar and clean away!
  5. Use it as a steam facial. The herbs offer great benefits to the skin! After you remove the veg, put the pot on a safe counter, stand over it with a towel over your head and breathe in for 5 minutes. It will unclog pores and cleanse your skin!

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