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School Holidays |

My eldest is on her first ever school summer holiday –  and I’m experiencing a parenting first…. what am I going to do for her all month? Right away I’m thinking about enrichment programs – maybe ballet or drama, museums, the zoo…  I’m making lists of activities and at the same time – wondering how I’ll manage work and house duties and play-dough making sessions all in one day – everyday – for a month..

I was freaking out a little, I can’t lie. Then something happened and it really helped to break this internal stress I was creating.

We spent the first day of her holiday doing nothing special – we cycled to a cafe where I did some work, I always have a notebook in my purse and gave it to her to color in. We picked up some groceries, and cycled home – the whole time talking about this and that…

Later that day, when I looked in the notebook, I saw she had written “I love you mum” Those four words put everything back into perspective. Yes, I’ll plan a few fun activities – but really, my daughter let me know that even a simple day with her mom, is an enrichment program in itself.

That little kid teaches me so much! Parents, I’d love to know how you manage school holidays – what works for you?

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