‘Set the Tone’ Green Juice :: Orange, Spinach & Basil

My friend and I are developing a project together, which I canโ€™t wait to tell you all about soon. We want to create something that is happy, positive and that comes from the heart.

To help set the tone, weโ€™ve started a weekly routine of yoga before work. Basically we do a few yoga poses first, then eat a light healthy snack before switching into total work-mode. Taking those 30 minutes to stretch, breathe and then eat somethingย nourishing,ย just makes for happy productivity.

This is totally new ย approach towards work for me. No matter what you are working on, choosing how you approach it is what will affect not only what you produce, but at the end of the day, your sense of fulfillment.

Last week we snacked on ย healthy rawย brownie bitesย and this week Iโ€™ll beย bringingย over a green juice. Itโ€™sย packed with beautiful ingredients that your body will love!

โ€˜Set the Toneโ€™ Green Juice


โ€˜Set The Toneโ€™ Green Juice โ€“ Orange, Spinach, Basil


ย 8-10 oranges

1 cup baby spinach

5-6 sweet basil leaves


1. Juice the oranges

2. In a blender, blend the orange juice, spinach and basil leaves

3. Drink up and go out there

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