Being green is about the little steps – done often, they add up! Here are three tips that you can do around the house, ways to repurpose items and get the most out of the things you buy.

Removing an egg yolk from your omelette is sometimes a good idea – but then you’re left with a yolk and not always sure how to use it. I know I’ve kept a yolk in my fridge, not wanting to waste it, just to toss it in the bin a few days later! Here’s what I do now: take out one yolk from my omelette and use it as a beauty treatment! I don’t even need to buy hair mask products anymore – try this homemade protein hair treatment – it’s awesome!


Before you toss out your aluminium foil wrapper, scrunch it up and put it to work! It great to scrub the bottom of pots and pans, to clean the grill, the caked on mess on your glass bakeware. You can use it to polish your silver – just line a dish with the foil paper, add cold water and a couple tea spoons of salt. Then toss your silver in and let it soak for 2-3 minutes. I’ve even heard that you can ball it up (smoothly) and toss it in your dryer to remove static cling! I haven’t tried that yet, if you do – let us know how it works!


Sometimes our storage solution needs change and that’s totally normal. So, we just go with the flow and find new ways to use our storage bins! Even in unconventional ways! The bins on top used to store my cleaning supplies and the bin at the bottom I used in my bathroom for a while. Now they keep my freezer organised!

Remember, repurposing items is a great way to extend the life of a product and keep it out of the landfills – but the first and most important step is to not buy it in the first place! Think carefully about the things that you buy and how long they will serve you – often stores tempt you with bulk bins and cheap prices, and hard to resist. Even if you didn’t set out to buy something in the first place, next thing you know you have 4 plastic bobble-heads and no idea why. These items fill our homes, our lives and cause clutter. What’s that point of that! Simplify and cut out the excess, you’ll feel better for it, I promise!

2 responses to “Simple Eco Tips for your Home”

  1. I continue to use ntuc plastic bags. I very much want to know what eco-friendly people use to bag rubbish so i can make the switch. Thank you.

    • Hi Ratnamalar! So awesome that you are conscious of this! They do have biodegradable bags, but my thoughts are that because in Singapore we burn our rubbish, the eco-friendly, biodegradable bags would not serve their purpose to us since they do not sit in a landfill.

      But, if they are manufactured with sustainable materials, they potentially are still better than conventional plastic bags. Something like this:

      it’s an interesting thing to look further into!

      like you, I repurpose plastic bags and try to focus on minimising my waste.

      keep up the effort! 🙂

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