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One of the great privileges I have in writing Little Green Dot is getting to introduce you to amazing makers from all over the world.

Today, I’m so excited for you to meet 33 eco skincare brands to cover you from head-to-toe in natural skincare goodness!

Yes, it’s the brand new Spring 2017 Natural Beauty Shopping Guide!

Inside this huge free guide, I’ve curated mascaras that won’t rub off, the best foundations, a highlighter that will make you feel like a mermaid, makeup that acts like skincare, and skincare that acts like whole foods.

It’s all so amazing.

Natural beauty has come so far over the years and I think any one of the 33 brands featured in this guide can stand up to any conventional skincare manufacturer out there!

Not only are they good products that do what they’re meant to do, but they’re made by good people. And for me, I only want to use products that I can feel good about.

The message is clear in 2017

As I was creating this guide, I reached out to my favorite skincare makers and asked them to share their natural beauty tips with us. As their emails came in,  I fell in love even more.

2017 is a great year to declutter, organize and renew your beauty cabinet and routine. Look for a few essential skin care products that are high quality, effective and multitasking. “Fewer, but better.”Munemi Imai, MŪN Founder

The overwhelming message was to simplify!

Even skincare makers (the good ones, that is) are telling us to use fewer products.

I was really impressed to read this — in an industry that typically wants us to buy and use more and more, there are natural skincare brands out there that would rather you care for your skin well.

The conventional beauty industry should really pay attention. 

How to use your Spring 2017 Natural Beauty Shopping Guide

So how can a shopping guide help you buy less, but better?

First, think about your skincare collection. What are the products that you use regularly?

Write it all out, like a shopping list (cleanser, toner, moisturiser, sunblock, foundation, lipstick…)

The goal is to create a simple natural skincare collection that proudly sits on your bathroom counter. Only the products that you use and love – nothing gets forgotten or crammed in the back of some drawer!

Then, as the seasons change or your skin develops different needs, you can repeat this process.

Get the Spring 2017 Natural Beauty Shopping Guide

Get the free Spring 2017 Natural Beauty Shopping Guide | littlegreendot.com

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  • Which brand or product were you most exited to discover?
  • Is there a brand or product that you want to see in the next guide?

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Militza xx

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