If you’ve read Little Green Dot for a while, you’ll know that I like to publicly state my intentions for the coming year here on the blog.

In previous years, I’ve sought the beauty in imperfection, invested in myself, and created opportunity wherever I can.

This year is a little different though, and my intentions are not the usual New Year’s resolutions to do more – exercise more, learn a musical instrument or a foreign language, read more books, eat right…

There’s a quote from the designer, Dieter Rams, that I return to often and it always makes me pause.

What does it mean to want “less, but better”?

To me, “less” doesn’t mean sacrificing. It means being mindful about the things that I let into my life. It’s abut removing the excess and eliminating the things that don’t serve me. It’s about creating space for the things that really matter.

So this year, I’m choosing “less, but better”. Are you with me?

A fresh perspective on skincare

I’m really excited about the different ways I can apply the principle of “less, but better”. So much so that I’ve gone and created something entirely new for you – to help you make this a truly beautiful year.

Everyday we walk into the bathroom, look in the mirror and start the process of getting ready. We drag out the face wash, the serums, the pimple zappers, the daytime moisturisers, the under-eye creams, over-eye creams…

You can feel the overwhelm, right?

It’s not designed to be an empowering experience for you.

The beauty industry has really done a number on us. Convinced us of the extraordinary power of their latest lotions and potions with their breathtaking claims. Made us think that if we just have this one new product, our imperfections and blemishes will be wiped away clean forever.

Here’s the thing, though.

When you eliminate the excess, the perfumes, the chemicals, and instead nourish your skin with whole foods, it will absolutely thrive.

You skin doesn’t want “one more thing”. It wants less, but better.

How different would you feel to have a skincare routine that’s simple and uncluttered, that speaks about self-love and leaves you feeling totally refreshed? You might just charge into the day feeling completely different… like you can do anything!

The things that we surround ourselves with every day have the power to affect how we feel.

And so I thought why not take an established daily routine – and turn it into something special.

It’s time to start fresh with your skincare


Fresh Start Challenge - a free 5 day skincare plan | littlegreendot.com

The Fresh Start challenge is a brand new (free) 5 day skincare plan, designed to eliminate regular, conventional skincare products from your daily routine.

Instead, we’re going to replace them with a simpler, more gentle 3-step skincare routine that is 100% all-natural, totally effective and self-made.

Because you should be able to use simple, safe, effective natural skincare AND enjoy a routine that makes you look and feel your absolute best. Every day.

What’s in store

Here’s what’s in store for you when you join the Fresh Start Challenge.

For 5 straight days, you’ll swap your conventional skincare products for my specially designed natural skincare routine. Check it out!

Honey Cleanser

gentle cleanser that hydrates and protects your skin

Apple Toner

brightening toner that balances both dry and oily skin

Glow Oil

restorative moisturizer that protects and repairs your skin

Plus you’ll receive:

  • Shopping list of simple whole food ingredients
  • Fresh Start guide, packed with tips and inspiration
  • Fun daily challenges with fresh new recipes to try!

So if you want to feel better in your skin, if you want to simplify and use amazing skincare products that are safe, effective and affordable – the Fresh Start challenge is a fun, different and  better way to get it.

The Fresh Start challenge begins this Sunday. You won’t want to miss it, so sign up today!

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  1. I would like to sign up for the challenge, but there is no place to sign up on. I have checked multiple times. Can you please check?

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