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This is so fun!! In researching the Spring 2017 Natural Beauty Shopping Guide, I reached out to my favorite natural skincare brands to get their insights on natural beauty…

And their responses sparked something in me, in an unexpected way.

It truly made me feel reconnected to what I love about natural living and conscious beauty.

What was really struck me too – was that hearing from all of these different voices, on their personal thoughts and experiences, there was a unified message and I noticed three clear themes that came up! 

So let’s explore those and let’s hear straight from the makers and experts – what’s in the air for Spring 2017?

Spring 2017 Natural Beauty Trends

No. 1: Skincare brands tell us to use less product

Last year may have been all about the ten-step Korean skincare routine – but if you’re anything like me, it was seven steps too many!

You’ll be happy to hear that this year – it’s all about simplifying and using less products in your routine. Having a more conscious approach to beauty, so that you don’t have to buy as much.

Tammy, the creator of Tammy Fender said “My tip for 2017 is to simplify. Too often skin is stifled under layers of cosmetics and products, most of which we don’t actually need. Skin needs a break and time to breathe.”

So how do you know what to focus on? Tammy goes on to say “Start with only choosing those formulas that feed skin with pure botanical extracts. And go easy!”

And she’s not alone. Other skin care makers are joining this movement to simplify.

Sarah, the founder and creator of UMA Oils says “If there’s one word you should remember about skin is this: simplify. Try to limit the number of products that you wear under your makeup in the morning to one or two, and make sure to give your skin the ingredients they deserve.”

How do you know what to focus on? Allison, creator of Activist Skincare advises us to “determine your skin’s unique needs and identify the active ingredients to address those specifically. Then find a product that contains those ingredients, with the least amount of unnecessary additives as possible.”

Spring 2017 Natural Beauty Shopping Guide | littlegreendot.com

ACTION STEP: Create a minimal skincare routine of less, but better products

Download the Spring 2017 Natural Beauty Shopping Guide to discover my favorite brands.

Inside you’ll find 33 curated products, each one safe, simple & effective.

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No. 2: DIY skincare is a valuable skill

With more and more people viewing skincare holistically, as part of our whole body wellness – the idea of making your own skin care at home no longer feels like a sometimes-weekend-craft. It’s a useful and gratifying skill, much like knowing how to make yourself a nice home-cooked meal.

We’ve seen huge trends in eating well – and now those same foods are being embraced on the outside too. Even skincare makers go to their own kitchen pantry!

Rachel of Annmarie Skin Care says she loves to use honey. “It’s so magical and potent and can do so much for all skin types.”

You can also mix your store-bought skincare with kitchen pantry ingredients – to create something new, out of what you already have.

Rachel goes onto say that she loves to blend honey with her own Annmarie Purifying Mud Mask. The honey is “a natural humectant. It’s antibacterial. It’s loaded with antioxidants and so many nutrients. And it has so many healing compounds.”

This year is all about getting hands-on and reconnecting with food, nature, creativity and the enjoyment that comes from knowing how to make something good for yourself.

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ACTION STEP: Get hands on and discover natural beauty

In the free 5 day Fresh Start challenge, you’ll swap your conventional skincare products for a simpler, more gentle skincare routine.

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No. 3: Skincare is an opportunity for self care

This year, skincare is becoming more about self care. Those few minutes a day, spent in front of the mirror applying your products – is your meditation time, an opportunity to feel present and rooted in your own body.

Krysia, creator of Vapour Organics said “take the time you spend applying skincare and cosmetics each morning to practice some meaningful self care. When you’re front in the mirror, try this: look yourself in the eye and say “you are beautiful.” or “I love you.” It can be a powerful and transformative practice. Try it!”

Setting the mood with candles, has become huge. It’s about creating a calm and intentional space in your home and making time for your self care rituals with scents, beautiful skincare and the little things that you enjoy.

Ben & Blake, the founders of The Village Common said “Now more than ever, is the time to take care of ourselves. Natural beauty is far more than what’s on the surface and extends into every aspect of our lives through our home and our body.”

It’s about knowing how to make yourself feel good. So that no matter what goes on outside you can always come home, make yourself a delicious body scrub, light a candle, wash off the day, breathe in the scents – and restore.

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Action step: Create a life-long routine of natural self-care

My 3-week online workshop, SIMPLIFY Skin, teaches you how to make the switch to natural beauty with ease.

Creating your own personalized self-care routine will make natural skincare an unshakeable habit for you.

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I hope this inspires you too! I’d love to know what you’re looking forward to more of this year. Drop me a comment below! 🙂
Militza xx

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