Summertime Breeze Body Oil Recipe

Summertime Breeze Body Oil Recipe |

Today’s recipe for infused body oil – comes from Alina of Abundant Earth. She’s an incredibly skilled herbalist and created a blend that perfect for the summertime. Your skin will glisten and glow and the scent is beautiful… honestly I’ve been smelling my arm, in the cafe as I write this. I know I look crazy – but it’s so yummy!

Summertime Breeze Body Oil Recipe & Ingredients |

A body oil is brilliant – you can use it from head to toe. It’s your hair oil, cuticle oil, your moisturiser. You can use it in the shower (great for shaving) or in the bath. And because you’re using real food for your skincare, it’s going to offer you so much goodness:

  • hydration: Oil helps your skin to maintain its hydration, like a moisturiser. But it’s also full of essential fatty acids, which have been shown to increase elasticity so that your skin is soft and supple.
  • nourishment: When you use a cold-pressed, virgin oil – you get the building blocks to creating healthy strong skin.

And its surprisingly easy to make! So save your money and raid your kitchen for the ingredients!! Alina shows us her recipe below.

Summertime Breeze Body Oil Recipe |
Summertime Breeze Body Oil Recipe |
Summertime Breeze Body Oil Recipe |
Summertime Breeze Body Oil Recipe |

I used a glass soap dispenser, which is perfect for this! Because the herbs are large, they don’t travel up the tube – but if you choose to use a different, smaller herb – store it in a regular bottle.

Summer Time Breeze Body Oil Recipe

with Alina, Abundant Earth

Have you ever had a familiar fragrance spontaneously drift past, and find yourself instantly indulging in a past memory, or inhaling just a touch deeper, to get more of it?
Well, when Little Green Dot asked me for “Summer in a bottle”, I immediately knew it had to have some citrus in it (think warm sun kisses radiating joy and happiness), and a touch of floral, for those hot summer breezes that carry a hint of our tropical flowers.
This is so easy to make, you’ll soon be patting yourself on your perfumed, summer-ready, oil-glazed shoulder.
Author: Militza Maury |


  • 50 ml glass bottle
  • 50 ml cold pressed base oil e.g. sweet almond or grapeseed oil
  • 10 drops geranium essential oil (uplifting and relaxing, a wonderful balancing oil, so ideal if you travel often)
  • 5 drops bergamot (a green citrus scent that is refreshing and cheerful. It’s what makes your Earl Grey Tea smell divine!)
  • 1/2-1 teaspoon dried rose petals (start low, and you can add as you go if you want more)
  • 1 teaspoon dried lemongrass (same applies as per the rose petals)


  • Put your dried rose and lemongrass into the glass bottle.
  • Add the essential oils.
  • Add the base oil.


Screw on your cap, roll the bottle gently between your palms, and voila, Summertime in a bottle! And the beauty of this oil is, like a good wine, it gets better with age. The dried herbs you have added gradually release their aroma into your oil as time passes, fragrance gradually transforms over time. Your body oil won’t smell the same next week as it does today. How fun is that!
Summertime Breeze Body Oil Recipe |
Summertime Breeze Body Oil Recipe |

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Comments (23)

  • militza
    Jaja Soffi Reply

    hi! how long is the shelf life for this oil?

  • militza
    Sona Reply

    Hi, is it really 50 ml? The ml stands for millilitre right? I’m just unsure, because I have the same bottle but 50 ml is like 1/4 and the smell is really strong. Thanks for reply


    Hi! Yes, a 60ml bottle (2 oz) will hold about 1/4 cup of oil.. the good thing is that a body oil recipe is totally customisable, so you can dial down the essential oils if you prefer! :)


    The Ikea dispenser says 11 oz. I’m really confused about the measurements here. Is the “recipe” for 11 oz?

  • militza
    Krystal Reply

    where did you get your soap pump?


    Hi Krystal! I got it from the bathroom section of Ikea! I have not idea why – but the herbs inside don’t get sucked up the tube – so it’s been brilliant!

    Also, we’re making a new Springtime Body Oil – the recipe is in my new Spring Guide – so if you get the pump – check out the book for more recipe ideas!! :)


  • militza
    Aiswarya Panda Reply

    When do i use it ?


    Hi! You can use this right out of the shower, as a all over skin moisturiser! Enjoy!

  • militza
    Amy Reply

    Can this work with jojoba oil? I already use that all over my body and have been for years and would love to try out an infused version!

  • militza
    Eli Reply

    How many times do I have to put this? and how do I apply it?


    I keep mine in the shower and put it on after i’ve turned the water off but while I’m still wet, before I get out.

  • militza
    hazel Reply

    Hi, where do you buy the cold pressed base oil..
    And also where can i buy all the ingredients


    Hi Hazel – here’s the link for where to buy the ingredients. Happy making!! :)

  • militza
    Holly Reply

    Can’t wait to try this – Where do you get the dried herbs from?

  • militza
    Naomi Reply

    Sunlight, heat, and oxygen degrade oils and can turn oil rancid, killing all the healthy properties. It’s a good idea to store this oil blend in a dark glass container (and buy oils sold in dark glass bottles).

    Also, if you’re not living in a hot climate (or if it’s not summer), coconut oil won’t be a good choice, as it will be solid at room temperature. It might be ok to use a small amount blended with other oils.


    Hi Naomi! Thanks for your comment :) Definitely, if you have an amber bottle that would be great – otherwise store your oil in a dark cool spot, much like the oils that we eat.

    A solid oil or butter would not work for this – but I have a great body butter recipe that you can try if you do want something more solid:

  • militza

    would it still work if I use different essential oils? Also can I use other herbs like chamomile,rosemary, saffron..etc?


    Hi Thikrayat – yes, it’s a great idea to customise the oil! You can definitely use different essential oils and herbs, but I haven’t worked with saffron in a body oil, it wouldn’t stain would it? :) Have fun experimenting! Make a small batch to start if you’re unsure of how it will come out.

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