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  • End Junk Mail Today!

    Junk mail is a big problem in my home in Singapore. Well, it was. What was so frustrating, aside from a mailbox full of ads, was seeing all this paper, ink and dye going to waste. The natural resources consumed, the toxic chemicals used – all for that piece of paper to reach your mailbox in a vain attempt to capture your attention… […]

  • Behind The Brand – Idocare

    For this week’s Behind The Brand, I met with Humaa, the creator of Idocare – a brand new line of eco-friendly cleaning products. We talked about what led her to an unexpected change in career direction, how she built her business, and her motivations to create something that makes the world a little better. Now, […]

  • The Wet Market

    The Wet Market

    Singapore might not have a farmer’s market the way other countries do – but we have our version – The Wet Market. Most of the produce will be from local farms or Malaysia and that’s a great thing to support. Maybe over the weekend you can take a stroll to your local wet market – […]

  • Eco-friendly Kid’s Toys

    Eco-friendly Kid’s Toys

    Have you heard of Green Toys? They’re great! They make a fun line of toys constructed from safe, non-toxic, recycled plastic (mostly milk jugs.) They even package it up in recycled materials printed with soy inks. Wow! Basically they keep our kiddies happy and our planet happy too! Check out their website where they talk […]

  • Home Delivered Organic Produce

    Home Delivered Organic Produce

    Have you seen Super Nature’s organic farm box? It’s beyond! They have different types Asian, Western, Juice – I got the Baby Farm Box – check it out! It’s packed full of fresh, crunchy veggies and the sweetest fruits! I spent the entire day whizzing up purees for my baby girl – which I now […]