Happy New Year! The wonderful thing about the new year is that everything feels fresh and new. A new chance for adventure – full of possibility!

The flip-side is though, looking back, not everything in the past year went the way we had hoped – we’ve encountered failure, struggled with sickness, and suffered loss. So it goes.

I’ve noticed something about achieving our goals

It’s true that we want our path through life to trend upwards, but even for the most successful of us, it doesn’t happen in a straight line. When you zoom in on life, our journey looks bumpy – with ups and downs. Don’t forget, those “down” moments can be incredible opportunities to remember how good you feel when you’re “up” – and you can use that as motivation to get yourself back on track again!

I received a beautiful email from a reader today. This part really connected with me:

My life has had some crazy turns over the last few years and I am not able to spend as much time doing the things I love. But, I try to make as much time as I can because I realize it is important.

I love this. Let’s be real, it does take work to create a new lifestyle – especially this hands-on, green life. But it is important.

So if you feel like there are things that you didn’t accomplish, don’t let that discourage you. Use it as fuel and feel inspired to make it happen for you this year.

How do you do it? Choose to invest in yourself. Devote your most scarce resources – time and energy – to becoming a master of the things that are important to you. Let’s make 2015 the Year of Becoming.

In 2015, I am becoming stronger in my body. Becoming a kombucha brewer. Becoming a more confident gardener. Becoming more aware of my accomplishments. I’m becoming a brighter light in this world.

What is it you want to become?

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