I’m sitting here at my favorite local cafe, in a bit of a daze really – because just a day ago I was opening the glass door to my hotel room, stepping out to my private pool, feeding wild fish off the pier, playing with hermit crabs on the beach and spending time with my family.

Our home for the weekend was Le Meridien hotel – I absolutely recommend it! Paradise!

Ko Samui vacation

Every morning, the hotel gave us a bowl of yesterday’s bread to feed the fish gathering around the pier, anticipating their daily treat. We spent all morning hand feeding these schools of wild fish and with each day, I loved seeing the girls overcoming their fears, going from nervous to total hands-in!

Feeding fish, Ko Samui

We spent hours exploring the beach, finding all kinds of creatures and sea life!

Ko Samui Beach Life

Every time I take a vacation, I always think “Why don’t I do this more often!?” Does that happen to you too? Here’s the thing: vacations are not just about getting away and relaxing – it’s about giving yourself new experiences and it’s in those experiences where we find new perspectives, broaden our lives and create new opportunities. On this trip, I had an experience that definitely opened up my world. Here’s what happened: On our second day in, before dinner, Ciaran and I decided to go for a wander outside of our beautiful hotel. We stumbled upon a little shop with a thatched roof and a big sign that read “Natural juice. Healthy food.” I was instantly drawn in and there I struck up a conversation with the owner, a tall man that had lived in Thailand for the last 15 years. His perspective on health and well-being was refreshing and, from that one meeting, I’ve come home with a whole new opportunity that I can’t wait to tell you more about! I’ll share that experience and show you a bit of his shop in Part 2 of our Weekend in Ko Samui. See you then!

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