Hiya! I’m in a good mood! I’m really looking forward to this weekend. I’m teaching a Green Living workshop early Saturday morning and I get such a rush as I prepare, gathering my ingredients and recipes to demonstrate. It’s funny too, because I never saw myself teaching others. Looking back, it wasn’t until I really began living a life that made me happy and putting myself out there – that it all fell into place.

I think so often we’re looking for our great passion, the thing that makes us happy, but sometimes it’s right there all along. We just don’t recognize it because it’s in the little things that we enjoy.

Most recently for me it’s been cooking… not so much the final product, but the process. I love slow cooking, a meal that takes days to prepare. A pot of lentils that I sprout first or a chocolate shake that I started by soaking nuts the night before. There’s something gratifying about this slow, natural pace… watching the process of change and feeling the anticipation… it’s almost more fun than actually eating the food!

Now, I don’t think I’ll become a professional bean-sprouter, but that’s not the point. I will continue doing these little things because I recognize that they make me happy and I leave myself wide open for what ever that may bring…

So, This weekend, after my workshop I think I’ll fill my time with more of those little things

1. Try A New Recipe – Quinoa sushi from My New Roots
2. Play With My Girls – Homemade bubbles from HelloBee
3. Sprout Some Seeds – Windowsill Sprouting from  Honestfare

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