If you like the idea of natural beauty treatments that you can do at home, you’ll love this simple facial treatment. It’s a great healthy habit to start! You’ll be getting a deep cleanse – the steam will open your pores and allow you to unclog and effectively clear your skin of build-up  – which if left untreated, gives your skin a dull and textured appearance. What we want is glowing and smooth!

By adding herbs, peels and other ingredients to your steam cleanse – you’re going to get all those essential oils and their benefits! You’ll see clearer skin, less oil and breakouts. Follow your steam facial with this mask – you won’t believe how smooth your skin will feel!


Not only will you see better skin, but you’ll be making use of ingredients you already have, which what a sustainable lifestyle is all about! This recipe is more of a guide or inspiration for you to look at what’s in your pantry (or garden!). I’ll offer you some tips for different ingredients that you can use – but I hope you have fun rooting your kitchen and creating your own steam facial blends!

Here are some ideas for steam facials that you can make:

Fresh Herbs & Plants: 

  • Mint: invigorating, gets the blood flowing
  • Thyme: great for oily skin
  • Lemongrass:  astringent, cleansing
  • Eucalyptus: cleansing

Dried Herbs (use your tea bags!) 

  • Lavender: cleansing, good for acne prone skin
  • Rose: astringent, tightens the pores
  • Chai: the cinnamon, cardamon and spices are great antiseptics and cleansers

Rinds and Peels (don’t throw them out): 

  • citrus peels are loaded with essential oil that stimulate and cleanse our skin

Any combination works beautifully. I love breathing in the scent of Chai tea, but here are some other ideas:

  • Orange & Mint would be great for tired skin
  • Rose & Lavender for oily skin
  • Lemongrass & lemon for a good thorough cleanse

All you need to do is give yourself the 15 minutes a week to do this steam cleanse – and be consistent with it. Sometimes that’s the hardest part – sticking to a new routine. But it’s exciting when you see the great results! Here’s a tip: choose a day in the week that will fit your schedule for your steam cleanse  – you needn’t worry about buying ingredients or prepping anything, because you’ll be using what available to you and you can always switch it up.

It’s to easy not to try and your skin will absolutely love it!


Weekly Steam Skin Cleanse Recipe


  • large bowl and towel to cover your head
  • boiling hot water
  • your choice of fresh herbs and plants, dried herbs or citrus peels


  1. wash your face
  2. add your ingredients into a bowl
  3. pour in the boiling water
  4. sit over the bowl with a towel over you head to receive the steam
  5. end with a toner and your favorite natural serums or moisturisers
  6. remember, after a steaming your face, your skin will soak up whatever you put on it – so don’t use any chemicals or synthetic products!

steaming tea

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