After years of wishful thinking and one year of serious planning – I’m finally able to tell you that… I’m moving to Bali in December!

Bali? A lot of our friends ask us, how we can do that? What about work?

For a long time, we had the same questions!  We’d see families moving there, people making a life there, working from their laptops in a cafe by the beach – but we didn’t know how to make it happen for us. Ciaran had a corporate job, I run my workshops in Singapore…

We had a vision for our life, but was moving to Bali seriously something that we could do?

In a past post I spoke about fears, wanting for something but holding back. I think there comes a point when the idea of putting off the things that you want in life, becomes harder, scarier and more uncomfortable than the fears that hold you back from trying.

So we’re trying. And i’m I’m bringing you along with me for the ride!  If you’re curious, I’ll tell you how we made this decision – and what to expect from Little Green Dot in 2016.


From the moment I first visited, Bali captivated my heart. There’s something about this place that speaks to my core – the slow life, the artistry, the outdoors, the fresh food, the bright colors, the way you’ll find a fresh flower carefully placed in the nooks and crannies and you know that someone took a moment to place it there.

People jokingly ask me if we’re going to Bali to relax – but for me, it’s the complete opposite. When I’m there, I feel motivated, alive, creative, inspired… Have you felt that way about a place before?

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Last year, we were on a three week family vacation in Bali and got really curious about moving there. We reached out to friends of friends, people who had moved there with kids. We had a million questions. How do you work? What about visas? A holiday is one thing, but what’s it like living there? We left each conversation learning a little more, feeling a little more hopeful… and then we visited the Green School, and things got very serious very quickly!

The Green School is stunning. It’s an open-air, bamboo, architectural wonder!  But it’s what happens inside that really matters. Their vision is to create a learning environment that empowers and inspires students to be creative, innovative, green leaders. And if you talk to the kids in this school,  you can see what an amazing job they’re doing!

On the tour, seeing the classrooms, the organic farm, the mud-pit, the kids  – my husband and I looked at each other and said our girls need to have this experience!

That day, we decided to make it happen. We became two people on a mission!

  • Ciaran left his office job to become a digital nomad, consulting remotely for an entrepreneur who’s based in the States. So many companies are running their businesses fully remote now, working with brilliant people who don’t need to be in the same office together.
  • I spent that year creating my online course, SIMPLIFY Skin, so that I can take my in-person workshop and teach it to you wherever you are and wherever I am.
  • Then, we paid a registration fee to the Green School – just to lock us in in case we got scared. Ha!

What’s amazing is that the moment we starting thinking with the mentality that we will move to Bali – so many possibilities opened up. I called 2015 “the Year of Becoming” and it couldn’t be more true.

The Little Green Dot and How to Become a Morning Person communities grew by tens of thousands of people. I was approached by a fantastic publisher to write a book. And now our family is following our passion to one of our favorite places in the world.

Simply having the thought of Bali sparked something inside me. A creative urge to do more.  I’m going to make sure to take you along on the ride with me, because we’re all in this together.

I hope to bring a little Bali inspiration into your life, wherever you are!

I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings. Wish us luck in the comments!

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  1. That’s awesome!!

    Will be so interested to follow your journey, my husband and I have our sights set on Green School as well but my son’s not even 2 yet. haha

  2. Hi Militza. Congratulations on your bold leap of faith in moving to Bali. I think your announcement may catalyse and catapult me into making changes on a similar scale in my own life. (I interviewed you for @HOME, the magazine of Home-Fix, a couple of years ago, and have remained a fan ever since.) Your courage and positivity are infectious!

    Take care, and continue to live fully in every day and every moment.


    Suzanne Lauridsen

    • Suzanne!! It’s so lovely to hear from you! I’d love to know what you’re up to!!! If you come to Bali for a visit – let me know, would be fun to catch up!

  3. Oh my gosh that is so very very fantastic! I wish you well..
    Can I make one small request, the printing on your website is so pale it is very hard to read. My iPad can expand it, but not darken it. The bold areas on your site are much better.
    Am I alone in this or do others feel the same? Even my response is darker than your post, and I don’t want to miss a minute of your move!

  4. Best of luck! God bless you all on this incredible journey! Looking forward to more wonderful ideas and breathtaking scenery (?).

  5. All the best. If one does not take a step into their dream it will never materialize. Wishing you and your family success.

    • Yes Debbie!! We need to take action! I’ve been thinking about this for next year – I have a feeling it’s the year of taking action for a lot of us!! 🙂

  6. Dear Militza,
    That’s so awesome to hear about your big move to Bali! Keep the inspiration coming & look forward to hearing from you! All the best & God bless you & family on your new journey ahead! ??????? Rejoicing with you! ❤️
    Much love,

  7. Sounds wonderful. I believe you are right if you wait you will never make the move. I hope this adventure is awesome and that you love Living there. God Bless. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes Sue!! We need to move, to take those steps towards our dreams. It’s all the little things that you do everyday – and then you can look back and see how they got you to where you are. I’m excited – and I can’t wait to share the Bali life with you!!

  8. All the best to you and your family! You’re an inspiration – I’m still bogged down by fears and the “can’t dos” of moving to another country! Looking forward to your Bali adventures.

  9. Thanks for sharing this amazing experience! My husband and I also want to move to another country that we just love, but we don’t know really how to start making it happen. Your “year of becoming” is just exactly what I needed as inspiration! All success in this new adventure Militza!

    • So excited for you and your husband!! We sat down over dinner (and a bottle of wine 😉 and made a roadmap for the year. A full on Bali plan. Then we committed ourselves – we spent the first half of the year doing research and initiating our plans and then the second half of the year we took drastic action and payed our daughters school registration. We payed for the videographer to film my online course… and it does, it just starts to come together.

      take all the inspiration and go make it happen for yourself!! I’d love to get an email from you next year saying “we’re doing it!!”

  10. Good luck I feel excited for you. I know you will share lots soon. It’s just good to know that I’m not alone to try or welcoming something new and changes in life. I can say that my life is never in the constant event or position. I would say the constant in this world is only CHANGE. Looking forward to hear more from you. God Bless

    • Yes Liza!! I find change refreshing, it sparks new ideas, I feel energised! I think I like a challenge, it brings out new parts of yourself. Thanks for the well wishes!! Let’s bring something new into 2016!

  11. Good luck, so hsppy to be part of the green dot famiky ,
    Will diffently be on the ride with you Nalitiza
    Enjoy Bali and can’t wait fir more exciting ,innivativions in 2016


  12. Hi Militza,
    That is fantastic! I wish you and your family all the happiness in the world.
    I got maried in Bali 3 years ago ago and I totally understand what you feel regarding the “island of the gods”… something magical about it maybe.
    Anyway, I will continue following your adventures for sure and maybe come and see you there some day.
    Take care. All the best !

    • Thank you for your well wishes Anne-Carole!! Yes! There is definitely something magical that draws you in! Please do let me know when you visit next!! I’d love to meet you there 🙂

  13. When I read you are moving to Bali, the thought came…There is a green school there!! I have been through through the details and totally loved it. Reading further you mentioned that you have registered for thr school. Way to Go, Militza. I am just happy for you. Wishing you loads of luck! ?

  14. Congrats. Awesome. You both are really brave. True believers of YOLO. I hope I will be brave enough to do the same soon. Still mulling…:)

  15. Congratulations Militza. It takes courage to follow your dreams and to step out of your comfort zone You are an inspiration. Enjoy yourself. And lots of love and laughter everyday. kheam

  16. Congrats and so happy that you worked towards what you want and make it happen. Such an inspiration to many of us here in Singapore.
    And Green School is indeed spectacular. I visited that place in August and stayed in Kul Kul farm for 16 days. I was charmed and bewitched by everything in Ubud. I only wish I have your conviction and courage to follow in your foot steps.

    • You’re already doing it!! Little steps get you there. We spent 3 weeks in Bali last year, 10 days the year before…. a long weekend the year before that… I think it builds up, you just need to keep going! 🙂

  17. hey i am so happy for you and wish you all the best.

    and you are right: 2015 really is the year of becoming!!


    • Isn’t it just Stefanie!! Makes me mindful of what we declare 2016… I’m thinking The Year Of Growth. The Year of Doing…. it feels like next year, is the year we take action on all the things we’ve been dreaming of. Maybe it needs to be The Year of Focus! 🙂

  18. Best of luck to you & your family! How exciting & brave for you all!! Keep us posted…lots of pictures of that beautiful place plz! 🙂

  19. Awesome news. Congratulations. That’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that you cannot pass. The experiences you will live and your daughters school – WOW!!! Good luck and I will enjoy the trip through you!

    • Yes Janey!! That’s how we feel – when you know you want something, the hard part is NOT doing it! Can’t wait to share the experience with you 🙂

  20. Great news, my friend’s daughter is also studying in Green school and I personally feel its great for any kids. Look forward to your blogposts in Bail!

    • Hi Mei Fang! We’re so excited about the Green School! Everyone who we’ve spoken to has amazing things to say about it – can’t wait to share!!

  21. Best of luck to you and your family. Bali sounds like a place where dreams come true. I too look forward to seeing your posts from your new home.

    Best Wishes,
    Alice Gatto

    One of your Morning People

  22. what a courageous decision you and your family have made! to follow a dream and a belief that you can reach for better, for a fuller life, for a future for your children that is cleaner, simpler, more full of what we should all be experiencing. i commend you for that brave and awesome decision and wish you all a future full of joy and light 🙂

  23. What an amazing decision that you and your family made! You will be great and amazing in Bali, and I know it!! Best wishes to you and your family.

  24. Best of luck on your new beginning @ Bali. I like your write-ups in the little green dot and cant wait to read more from Bali.
    Take care and Happy Holidays.

  25. I only can pray that GOD keeps you n your family safe. It’s not an easy decision, but since u have decided than there is no turning back. Good luck, be safe.

  26. Dear Militza,

    Many congratulations on your awesome decision to move to Bali and all the very best for your new adventures. I’ve been a fan of the Little Green Dot for a while and your announcement has inspired me to plan a holiday to Bali so that I can participate in one of your lovely workshops.

    Enjoy the ride and keep up the great work you do. You are an inspiration in many ways.

    Monica xx

    • Yes Monica!! How fantastic would that be to do a workshop in Bali. You just lit up my face! 🙂 Please do make the holiday happen and I’ll be there ready to share new things with you! 🙂

  27. Dear Militza

    Congratulations on making the bold & brave decision to move!
    I simply cannot wait to hear all about your new & improved life in Bali!

    Wishing you & your family all the very best!

  28. This is so exciting! I never knew such a school existed. My husband and I have the dream of moving somewhere exciting to live too. What you said is so true… we all need to find that place where “When I’m there, I feel motivated, alive, creative, inspired…” Wishing you, Ciaran and the girls the most amazing time in Bali! 🙂

    • Hi Nicole! Thanks for your well wishes 🙂 I have no doubt that you guys will make it happen! A year from today, everything can look so different… I hope you’ll send me another note to say “we did it” I’m looking forward to reading that!

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