Want to feel really good at the start of your day? De-clutter your bathroom tonight! It feels good to walk into your bathroom and see it light and fresh – without a mess of bottles and clutter on the counter.

One of the things that frustrates me is when I see a bunch of products and plastic bottles on my bathroom counter or in the shower. So I want to show you a good and simple way to create a clean and clear space that you enjoy being in.

Here’s are three ideas that I’m doing in my bathroom here in Bali, to keep it uncluttered and beautiful – it’s been working really well.

Set up a tray


If  you have the counter-space, a good idea is to place all your daily-use items on a tray. It looks organized and because you have this defined space, it forces you to curate your things.

This helps you get very clear and intentional about what you use and what you really don’t – so there’s no excess or clutter.

On my tray, I keep my daily three step skincare collection. I have cotton pads for my toner, soap for hand washing, a small dish when I remove my earrings, a container to make my face masks in and I usually place my phone here because I love listening to podcasts or audible books as I get ready for the day.

Tip: when you make your own skincare products, choose bottles that you like – so that it looks nice to you displayed out on your tray. Here’s a guide to buying bottles.

Create a caddy 



If you don’t have the counter space for a tray, a good idea is to create a caddy. I use both a tray and a caddy, because I like to keep my shampoo and conditioner in my caddy so that it’s not visible in the shower. I really don’t like seeing plastic bottles if I don’t have to. I only wash my hair three times a week, so I just pull it out when I need it.

If you often have a few different bottles of shampoos and conditioners on the go – a caddy helps you simplify since you can only fit a limited amount inside. I also store a few other daily use items here, my contact solution, deodorant and sunscreen.

Create a daily use make-up bag



Put all of your daily makeup, in one make-up bag. If you like having more options for lipstick colors and eyeshadow colors – you can always keep the bulk of your products in one place – and then swap out and freshen up your daily make-up bag as you want.

But the idea here is to keep everything that you use daily – in one single bag.

You can easily tuck away the make-up bag under your sink when you’re not using it. And, if you’re going out and want your make-up on hand – just toss it into your purse.

Trays, caddies and bags are very helpful to make your products look more organized, intentional – and it makes using them and getting ready much more simple.

I hope these tips help you create some changes in your bathroom that make you feel great!

Want to Simplify your skincare for good? 


I created an online course called SIMPLIFY Skin, and packed it with de-cluttering techniques, recipes and videos to help you freshen up your skincare, step-by-step.

It’s full of simple and good ideas that will help you create a bathroom space and skincare routine that you love. Join today and start making!

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5 responses to “Banish Bathroom Clutter for Good!”

  1. Agreed! Plastic bottles are an eyesore. But i cant seem to find nice glass btls though….cld you share where u got ur beautiful btls and glads soap dispenser?

  2. Thank you Militza!

    Yes i did!:) i am always amazed at your photography.

    I attended your simplify skincare workshop a few yrs ago and it was v fun and love how everything was packed in nice glass btls too! Thanks once again!

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