Bali is all about the Bliss Ball. They’re everywhere! Walk into almost any cafe and you’ll find an assortment of flavors to pick from…

A lot of people come to Bali for the healthy lifestyle… to rejuvinate. But I’m thinking, why wait for Bali – there’s no reason why we can’t have bliss at home too.

Bliss Balls |

Bliss Balls |

Bliss Balls |

Have you tried Bliss Balls before?

They’re these chewy, dense balls – often coated in coconut flakes or sesame seeds. In terms of ingredients, they’re basically like eating a handful of nuts and seeds – food that you might want to eat hiking up a mountain…. which, is very often what getting through the day feels like.

It’s funny because, I thought living in Bali – surrounded by all this incredible food – would automatically make me super healhty and full of energy all the time. Maybe by osmosis?

And for sure, I’ve had proper Bali moments of yoga at sunrise, green juice with friends, floating along the day – Bliss Ball in hand…

But then, there are those days where the kids are freaking out, I’m stuck in traffic for an eternity, my camera stops working, I can’t find the right words to write, I get a negative email comment… and I  just want to stay in bed and eat an entire loaf of honey-oat bread, smothered in imported French butter.

Even in paradise, if I don’t stay aware of my triggers, I can easily fall into habits that don’t support the version of life that I want to live. Aka: nachos for dinner… three nights in a row.

I start to feel low energy, I start to feel bloated and tired. Uncomfortable in my body and I know that I need to get my groove back. And, I love that Bali is a place where I can walk into any cafe and order an “Energy Bliss Ball and a Green Goddess Smoothie bowl, please”

Bliss Balls |

But what’s really inspiring is that we can create this same experience in our own home too.

And for me, I think that’s where the effort should go – because we can’t always depend on or change the outside environment, right?

I think the work really is at home. 

When I’ve been feeling down for too many days in a row – I’ll go into the kitchen, give it a good de-cluttering and make some bliss balls. Because I know taking care of myself and eating well – makes me feel better.

Twenty minutes in the kitchen, can turn into an entire week’s worth of bliss balls sitting in the fridge – reminding us that we intend on feeling our best. You can grab one, eat it for breakfast or throw it your bag for a mid day snack – and smile at how clever you are for making them!

Making something good for yourself – changes how you feel. 

And I’m a big believer in the power of taking those small, bite-size actions to feel our best. A bliss ball is nice place to start. The ingredients give you a lovely boost of energy, right when you need it.

I have two recipes for you, and I’m going to work on recreating some of the bliss balls that I’ve tried here in bali. Where should I start – lemon coconut? 

Let me know if you have a favorite recipe!!

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