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  • Sitz Bath 101

    Sitz Bath 101

    Have you heard of a sitz bath before? Also called a sitting bath, it’s a very gentle and natural way to take care of your whole pelvic area. It can be used by men and women, but for this article – and my personal experience – I’ll focus on the ways that you can use […]

  • My book is out in the world!

    My book is out in the world!

    “This book is full of inspiring beauty recipes that simplify and demystify skin care.” Liv LoTV presenter and creator of FitSphere “Militza’s book is filled with practical recipes that will fill your home and your heart with the rich healing power of plants. .” Emily RuffDirector of the Florida School of Holistic Living Previous Next […]

  • Ginger & Lemon Wellness Boost Body Scrub

    Ginger & Lemon Wellness Boost Body Scrub

    Ginger and lemon is a classic combination to boost wellness. Both bring stimulating, moving, and uplifting qualities. So good for when you’re feeling depleted, stagnant or generally under the weather. And you can also use them preventively – for their antiviral, antioxidant immune boosting support.  This body scrub is a feel good, wellness treat for […]

  • Lemon & Chamomile Bitters for Gut Health

    Lemon & Chamomile Bitters for Gut Health

    These are stressful times, and emotions can show up in the body – and create physical imbalances. For many people, like myself, stress can trigger what I can only describe as a grumpy belly. Bloating and loud gurgling noises after eating, you might feel indigestion, heartburn, gas or cramping. And often too, our skin tells […]

  • Liniment Remedy: Achy Joints & Muscles

    Liniment Remedy: Achy Joints & Muscles

    There’s a famous herbal pain remedy called Kloss Liniment – created by American herbalist, Jethro Kloss. It became incredibly popular as an external treatment for pain – and throughout the years the recipe has been made in households and even adapted into products. Another famous liniment, 9 Oils, from the 19th century was initially made […]

  • Herbal Tea Infused Oil for Stress in the Body

    Herbal Tea Infused Oil for Stress in the Body

    I love herbal oils. They’re one of my favorite (most healing) forms of skincare to make. The process of making an herbal oil is uncomplicated, and it produces a product that will not only support the health and beauty of your skin – but being so nutrient-dense – it also supports and strengthens your overall […]

  • Resourceful Remedies for Dry Hands

    Resourceful Remedies for Dry Hands

    “Help, my hands are dry from so much sanitizer use! ” Last week, I would have told you to go buy some shea butter, mango butter and cocoa butter and make a whipped body butter… But this week, it’s not that simple. The coronavirus disrupted normal life. Online orders are delayed. Going out for cocoa […]

  • Detoxifying & Soothing Juniper Bath

    Detoxifying & Soothing Juniper Bath

    Herbal baths are an underrated form of wellness. Soaking in herbs and warm water is a powerful way to draw in healing constituents, and deliver what you need to feel your best, whether it’s something soothing or stimulating.Juniper berry is an interesting herb because it has a soothing quality for skin, yet stimulates so many […]

  • Get to know: Elderberry + Chocolate Vanilla Elderberry Syrup

    Get to know: Elderberry + Chocolate Vanilla Elderberry Syrup

    When the world starts singing “it’s sweater weather” – that means it’s time to start making elderberry syrup! This yummy tonic has long been a popular flu remedy, taken daily through the cold and flu season. Every herbalist will have their own way of making elderberry syrup, today I have a recipe for you that […]



    Aside from my morning coffee, I love having an herbal drink in the mornings. It hydrates the body, but also replenishes, nourishes and stimulates with a healthy boost of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients.If what you’re looking for is pure energy in the mornings, I would highly recommend looking into nettles. It strengthens your adrenals […]