Category: Lifestyle

  • New Find :: Papa Palheta Cafe

    I recently met with my Green Living partner, Del, to discuss our next workshop. We sat down at Papa Palheta, a little cafe in Bukit Timah – and I loved it! Such a unique spot – tucked away, laid back, almost like being in a little cafe in Sri Lanka or Bali… They brew and […]

  • DIY – Cheeky Bunny Easter Egg Surprise

    I made this DIY to add a little cheekiness to Easter! It’s a fun gift, to bring to a friend’s house or Easter gathering. The idea is: you have six eggs – five are stuffed with sweet treats and one, the bad egg, carries a big surprise! Let your friends and family choose an egg, smack […]

  • Lounging Around…

    A breezy Saturday morning, lounging around in comfy organic cotton, drinking tea, listening to Matisyahu – feeling uplifted and inspired – scribbling happy thoughts in a journal. What a lovely day… Organic Striped T-shirt – Zara $29.90 Organic Cotton Lounge Pants – Muji $29 Re-used Yarn Socks – Muji $19 Organic Mulberry Tea – Mekhala […]

  • The Year of Simple Imperfection

    Wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and awe in nature. It is authentic, simple, uncluttered and a celebration of the marks that time, weather and use leave behind. Wabi-sabi is flea markets, handmade, it’s aged wood, untreated paper, unfinished hems.  It reminds us that we are connected to the world around […]

  • Happy New Year!!

    Here’s how I saw in the new year! 10 hours later I’m now watching cartoons with my family…already a great start to 2012! Hope you’re having a great one!