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  • When I saw the price tag I did a double take

    I’m in a trendy area in Singapore, window shopping, when I see this beautiful body scrub. My first instinct is to read the ingredients – it’s all natural, made with coffee and sea salt, coconut oil… mmmmm! And then I see the price. It costs $60… ouch! When I think back to what got me started into this […]

  • Noni Fruit // Backyard Superfood

    This alley runs just along my condo where there’s a single tree that produces fruit like it’s always in season, dripping these soft pods along the pavement. A few months ago I saw a neighbour collect the fruit and jar it. It sat outside his house for weeks – I was so curious to know what […]

  • Take a Rare Glimpse Inside a Singapore Heritage Home

    Ren, founder of Matter – a socially motivated lifestyle brand – invited me to tour her home. Ok, I asked… but that’s one of the perks of writing this blog – I have the privilege of seeing these incredible spaces and I’m delighted to share them with you!  Singapore is a fast-paced, modern city – the nation is just 49 […]

  • This 10 Minute Morning Routine Will Transform Your Day

    A morning routine is a powerful way to set the tone for the kind of day you want to have.   This year – I started waking up early an hour early, on purpose  – and it’s absolutely changed my life. If you feel stressed in the mornings, in a rush, not taking care of yourself. If […]

  • Learn // How to Sprout Microgreens at Home

    Imagine having a supply of nutritionally dense, fresh sprouts that you can toss into salads, sandwiches, smoothies (or clearly, any other foods that begin with the letter “s“). And it’s all growing right in your own home! If you’ve been wanting to cultivate your green thumb – you’re going to love this tutorial from Cynthea of Super Farmers. She’ll show you just how easy growing your […]

  • Little Green Dot Potluck Picnic

    So last Saturday, we hosted the first ever Little Green Dot Potluck Picnic and, I have to say, you all made it so incredible! The weather was perfect, the location was fab, and it was great to have support from Pauliina of RAW insideout, Cynthea of the Wholesome Co, partyware from Red Carousel, the kids colored with […]

  • #daytripping: Be a Tourist from Home

    Have you watched the movie About Time? I won’t give away the story (you should watch it!) but it left me with this fun question. Imagine you could live every day, twice: The first time, with all the tensions and worries that stop us noticing how sweet the world can be. But the second time… noticing. While chatting about this with Holly at the office, […]

  • A new kind of lunch experience

    I recently had the opportunity to help the Secret Chef (whose name I can’t reveal 🙂 organize one of his underground lunches. He created these experimental, pop-up lunches to celebrate the way food can bring people together. Driven by a belief that “great ideas are discussed over meals and great relationships are built around tables”, he’s now finding a community of people who seem to […]

  • Tips for Creating a Hands-on Lifestyle

    During my recent Simplify workshop, we talked about creating a more hands-on lifestyle. Of course, we’re all busy and strained for time, but if we want a life that is about simplicity, creativity, making positive choices and having skills to live more sustainably – from my experience, it takes a bit of planning. If you like the idea […]

  • Learn // How to Choose Plants at the Nursery

    We’re week two into our month long school holiday and today we hung out all day with Nova from Cultivate Central, an urban farmer here in Singapore. We’re working on a new project together and she offered to help me pick out edible plants from the nursery. I thought – perfect – that means I […]