Mother’s Day is approaching and it leaves us with that big question, what to get the mothers in your life?  Speaking as a momma, nothing is more touching that a hand-made gift. Well, maybe there is one thing: a handmade gift that inspires a Mom to take care of herself.

Here are four handmade, self-care gifts that you can whip up, just in time for Mother’s Day. And while you’re at it – I hope you make something for yourself too!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - All-natural & Handmade |

Hand-Made Gifts for a Mom

1. Rose Petal & Cinnamon Bath Soak

Handmade gifts for a mom - Rose Petal & Cinnamon Bath Soak |

If Mom enjoys a good soak, this bath salt will WOW her!

The recipe calls for rose petal tea, but you can use any herbal tea that smells nice.

How to Gift Package it: A glass mason jar, or even a repurposed jam jar can be beautiful!

Definitely include a little cloth bag, like this, that she can scoop the bath salt into. That way Mom doesn’t have bits of petals to clean up after her bath 🙂

** Get the recipe here

2. Summertime Breeze Body Oil

Handmade gifts for a mom - Summertime Breeze Body Oil |

Everyday, Mom can envelop herself in a luxurious, naturally fragranced and super nourishing body oil – that will make her feel beautiful, as she should!

How to Gift Package it: Look for a glass pump bottle, like a soap dispenser.

The herbs won’t travel up the tube! I found my bottle at Ikea in their bathroom section.

** Get the recipe here

3. Spring Chocolate Beauty Bliss Balls

Handmade gifts for a mom - Spring Chocolate Beauty Bliss Balls |

This will make Mom happy for sure! It’s a creamy body scrub that smells like a brownie baked in a flower shop.

It’s made with real chocolate, She’ll giggle, she’ll smile and feel delighted.

How to Gift Package it: Let’s be real, this looks good enough to eat. But it won’t taste good. Make sure Mom knows this is whole food skincare – a treat for her skin!

Package it in a glass jar… or you know what would be cute, is to package them like little truffles in a box.

** Get the recipe here

4. SIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Spring

SIMPLIFY Skin Seasons: Spring 2017

Is Mom a do-it-herself, take charge kind of woman?

I had to include the SIMPLIFY Skin Spring guide in the round-up. It’s a beautiful digital recipe guide, that will have her inspired and making her own self care products.

How to gift package it: You can print it out and show up with the ingredients for a fun DIY session together. I think that would be amazing!

Or, send her the digital version so that she can open up her pantry and make something good for herself at home.

** Get the guide here

To all the Moms out there, I’m sending you a big hug. Remember to treat yourself well, you’re amazing!

Militza xx

PS: Make sure to add a handwritten card with the recipe and the directions for how to use it!

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