How I Organize My Table Top

Becoming more organised has a big part of simplifying my lifestyle.  It just makes my life easier. You know what you have, you only have what you need, it’s all good. But, I’m not naturally organised –  I still have a long way to go. So I’ve worked out a couple tricks that help me.


here’s one of my favorite tools for making my space look cleaner… trays.  Something about putting everything on a tray, makes it look intentional. Almost orderly.


This is where I get ready in the mornings and I like storing my homemade skincare in these little beautiful containers. It’s pretty, and makes me happy. This is lip balm made simply with shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax


and this is my homemade translucent powder. It’s barely a recipe: Rice powder mixed with cocoa powder until you reach your skin tone. It really works!


And with everything placed on a tray, it looks uncluttered and makes my morning routine faster and more enjoyable. Just a quick and simple tip that works for me at home…

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Comments (7)

  • militza

    So nice and organized! I tend to arrange them properly on a weekend and it’ll all go haywire afterwards. Hehe.


    he he! It’s the same for me – but, you just fix it up and start all over again! I think having a tray (or a system) helps make the clean up faster and easier! :)

  • militza
    Camilla Reply

    Where do you buy your trays? Love the one in the post!


    Hi Camilla! I got this tray from a thrift shop… keep you’re eye out for one the next time you’re out shopping :)

  • militza

    Is there anything I need to be aware of about your translucent powder? Does it have any funny smells or quirks?

  • militza
    Amelia Reply

    wondering if u could do a review of your skin care? curious about hyaluronic serum. and also if u have any natural calming recipes for a hectic work life will be great!


    Hi Amelia! I bought the hyaluronic serum from iHerb, to help combat blackheads. When I first tried it – it burned like crazy. I have no idea why I tried it for the second time, :) but I did and that time it didn’t burn again… it’s pretty strong stuff though! I’m not sure that it’s helped with blackheads at all – I find that the baking soda scrub has been more effective. But, when I use the serum everyday – I do see my skin looking… brighter.

    Love the idea for natural calming recipes – thanks for the tip!!

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