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  • 10 Repurposing Ideas That Make Life Easier!

    10 Repurposing Ideas That Make Life Easier!

    Need a creative dessert? Turn a muffin tin upside down to create a cookie ice-cream cup! Stop clothes from sliding off – put rubber bands at the end of your hangers Use extra lens cases as a travel pill box! Make perfectly round pancakes! Make fun shapes! Bread tag wire labels! Use a colander as […]

  • Linen, a Natural Beauty

    Linen, a Natural Beauty

    BE LINEN MOVIE from Benoit MILLOT on Vimeo. If you have 15 minutes over your lunch break, this video is absolutely worth watching. It’s a beautifully-shot film which tells the story of linen; from the farmers who harvest the flax crop to the weavers who handle the fibers… When we look to sustainable fabric, natural […]

  • Lounging Around…

    A breezy Saturday morning, lounging around in comfy organic cotton, drinking tea, listening to Matisyahu – feeling uplifted and inspired – scribbling happy thoughts in a journal. What a lovely day… Organic Striped T-shirt – Zara $29.90 Organic Cotton Lounge Pants – Muji $29 Re-used Yarn Socks – Muji $19 Organic Mulberry Tea – Mekhala […]

  • The 20% Guide

    For many of us, choosing to eat organic food is not a matter of principles or beliefs, but simply a matter of economics. We know and understand why it’s important – but, when feeding a family on a budget, it’s hard to know where to make those decisions. Here’s a good way to look at it: Ask […]

  • End Junk Mail Today!

    Junk mail is a big problem in my home in Singapore. Well, it was. What was so frustrating, aside from a mailbox full of ads, was seeing all this paper, ink and dye going to waste. The natural resources consumed, the toxic chemicals used – all for that piece of paper to reach your mailbox in a vain attempt to capture your attention… […]

  • 5 tips to make your beauty routine more green

    5 tips to make your beauty routine more green

    The idea here is to make simple changes, so that you can easily adapt them into your beauty routine – so let’s dive right in. Green Beauty Tip #1: Use less water Join the washcloth revolution! When you clean your face, instead of letting the water run as you splash your face – get a […]

  • Eco-friendly Kid’s Toys

    Eco-friendly Kid’s Toys

    Have you heard of Green Toys? They’re great! They make a fun line of toys constructed from safe, non-toxic, recycled plastic (mostly milk jugs.) They even package it up in recycled materials printed with soy inks. Wow! Basically they keep our kiddies happy and our planet happy too! Check out their website where they talk […]