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  • Avocado & Lime Pasta = Stress-free cooking!

    I just hosted a very good friend’s birthday party and we had such a blast! We chatted, sipped champagne and ate for hours. If you’ve ever hosted, I know you’re thinking: the host never gets to enjoy all the fun, we’re stuck in the kitchen preparing the food! Not this time! I planned a stress-free […]

  • Best of 2012 – Coconut Oil Recipes

    Hi! I’ll be kicking off the “Best of 2012” series with one of my favorite oils: coconut oil. I can’t get enough of it, and I still have so many more recipes to show you! Flavored popcorn, home-made deodorant… but I shouldn’t get ahead of myself! Here are 5 awesome coconut oil tips, recipes and […]

  • ‘Set the Tone’ Green Juice :: Orange, Spinach & Basil

    My friend and I are developing a project together, which I can’t wait to tell you all about soon. We want to create something that is happy, positive and that comes from the heart. To help set the tone, we’ve started a weekly routine of yoga before work. Basically we do a few yoga poses […]