Dry, brittle. Can't deal in humidity. Frizzes out if you brush it. If this is your hair, this anti-frizz yogurt + honey hair mask will  be your new favorite! | littlegreendot.com

Dry, brittle. Can’t deal in humidity. Frizzes out if you brush it. If this is your hair, I have just the thing for you. This anti-frizz yogurt and honey hair mask will  be your new favorite!

Here’s what you should know: the main ingredient is yogurt and this is the game changer…

Yogurt and Honey Hair Mask | littlegreendot.com

Most hair treatments recipes are based on oil, but if you have thin hair like me –  you just end up trying to wash oil out of your hair for days. Right!?

That’s why, ever since I tried this mask – I haven’t turned back.

It deeply conditions your hair and leaves it looking happier and shinier. And if it’s not humid out… you might even want to wear it down 🙂

All I ask is that you try it and let me know what you think.

Yogurt + Honey Conditioning Hair Mask | littlegreendot.com

Ingredient Spotlight – Yogurt and Honey Hair Mask

How is yogurt good for your hair?

Natural yogurt is full of protein, it offers nourishment that our hair needs to grow strong and healthy. It also has fat that moisturises your hair and makes for a great natural conditioner.

Are you trying to grow your hair? Yogurt has lactic acids, which is great for cleansing the scalp and clearing away dead skin cells to help your hair follicles grow.

what to look for: full fat natural yogurt

How is honey good for your hair?

Honey is a humectant, it attracts and retains moisture in your hair. Honey is also an emollient, helping to soften and smoothen. Full of vitamins, it’s also skin food for your scalp.

what to look for: raw honey from a sustainable beekeeper

DIY Deep Conditioning Yogurt Hair Mask for dry, frizzy hair

  • 2 tablespoons natural yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  1. Combine all of the ingredients together.
  2. Work the mask onto your hair, from the scalp to the ends.
  3. Give your scalp a good massage – you want the mask to cover your scalp.
  4. Leave the mask on for 15 -20 minutes.
  5. Wash as normal, but really well! If you use conditioner, just a small amount on the ends will do.
  6. Do this treatment once a week to restore and maintain your hair.

For longer hair, just double the amounts of ingredients you use.

I hope you love this hair mask and it makes you feel really good 🙂

Militza xx

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116 responses to “Yogurt + Honey Conditioning Hair Mask”

  1. can you make a bigger portion of it and kind of keep it in a little container or something like that or will it become bad?

    • Honey is a preservative, so that’s helpful in keeping it good in the fridge. But agreed; if only doing once a week, just make a small batch each time.

  2. Hi, which type of honey do you use? is it those over the shelf honeys sold in supermarkets or the premium graded ones?

  3. It’s a very useful deep conditioning hair mask. My hair is curly and I straighten it once in a week. After shampooing my hair, it becomes frizzy dry dull etc. It really looks weird. I tried this hair mask and I got amazing results. My hair is super silky, healthy and shiny now. I just love this hair mask.

      • Hi Monika! What I’ve noticed is that consistency brings and keeps the results, once a week for a month will make a big difference. Any time I slack off a bit on my self-care, I begin to notice the condition change – so the best thing is to keep it up 🙂

    • Hi do you have any good tips and tricks for removing dead nits from hair ? They are dead eggs that are stuck in my hair for ages now and not even the fine tooth comb method is working now,
      Please help me

      • This is one the best combs out there for nits removal. My daughter got lice from school a few years ago & we used this one daily. Never had a problem again.


        Also, if you can tolerate the smell, use pure neem oil on your hair first. It loosens the glue used to hold the nits to your hair shaft. Your hair may smell like burnt onions for a day or so, but it really works.

  4. its really work great. after applying this mask on hair. i got my hair shine and smoothness never before. go for this for sure

  5. Do you think I can wrap my hair in a shower cap and sleep with the mask for better results? My hair has no shine at all, I’m very upset with the fashion nowadays, with my huge puffy hair I’d fit better in the 90’s.

    • Dina -listen, if you bring back frizzy 90s hair, I’d be so happy! 🙂 I’m not sure with the yogurt and honey, how it might smell, what little critters it might attract… 🙂 maybe best to wash it off before bed. You can try a deep hair treatment (argan or coconut), don’t saturate your hair with oil, because you’ll be washing it off for days, but applying oil to your tips on the night before hair wash days will tame strands!

  6. With the coffee treatment my hair looked healthier and brighter right away. I mixed 1 cup strong brewed coffee with 2 tbsp coffee granules and about 3tbsp coconut oil conditioner.

    • Hi Mitch! I have a friend who has replaced her shampoo, with honey! It’s incredibly antibacterial and cleansing for the scalp and moisturising too. I’d start slow, and build up taking notice of how your hair reacts.

  7. Hey thank you so much for such a great and awesome hair mask ..this is really fantastic this has actually removed all the dirt trapped in the hair..and my hair has become very soft and shiny too ..thanks a ton ! By the way can u please give me any tips abt split ends …any hair mask or any idea will do. ☺

  8. Hello
    I have a question. I’ve used countless oils, I’ve used various hair masks from ones sold in the stores to do it yourself ones.. mayonnaise, honey, yogurt. My hair is soft, but it looks dry, especially at the ends. I get regular trims. I’ve used henna for years. I have finally decided to let my hair go grey. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
    Bonnie J. Howell

    • my hair is the same, try the LOC method (leave in, oil, cream/gel). it will hydrate your curls more effectively and then set them. also rinse your hair with cold water just before you get out of the shower, dry it with a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt and then start applying your products and either air dry and resist the urge to touch it, if you don’t have time to air dry use a diffuse, also invest in a satin pillowcase or satin turban to sleep in to prevent future frizz

  9. Hi
    Can I use this yoghurt and honey mask on my Keratin treated hair.
    I have oily scalp and dry ends but a bit scared if it will ruin the Keratin treatment on my hair thanks

  10. Hi,
    I used the yogurt mask and it was perfect.Can I use it every time before shower may be 3 times a week?
    Thank you

  11. Hi Militza,

    When you say ‘wash as normal’ does that mean shampoo and rinse after leaving on the mask? So do I rinse the mask out and then use shampoo or no shampoo?

  12. Hi militza

    Do I put this mask on after shampoo and conditioner? Or do I put the mask on and then shampoo and condition afterwards?

    Thanks Artikh

  13. I have fine, thin hair. I really liked what the mask did for my hair. After a month of no poo, my hair went crazy. Greasy to dry and frizzy to what the heck!!! Coconut oil, egg wash, olive oil have all been nightmares for my hair. Tried this. I rinsed forever…. scrubbed forever and when it was dry it felt nice and looked great. However, while running an errand, all dolled up because my hair finally looked good, I caught a wiff of something foul. I thought maybe there was rotten food in the car. Turns out it was my hair. It smelled like rotten milk. 🙁 I live 30 mins from town, so there was no turning around. Had to deal with skunk hair for about 4 hours…. maybe will just try honey by itself.

    • Hi Sarah! Oh no! Next time, try it on a day that you’re not going out – and maybe see if washing it out with shampoo takes care of that. I haven’t had this happen, but I can imagine that it was a long four hours for you!! Give it another try, if it worked well for you hair – it’s just a matter of figuring out how to wash out the yogurt fully. Thank for sharing this!!

  14. Hun that means there was yogurt still left ur hair…
    Anyhew i was wo derin if this mask will strip my color from my hair

    • Hi Yoli! The honey in the mask, can lighten hair… I haven’t come across anyone who’s had the color stripped though. Its a small amount, that’s only on for 10-15 minutes… for me it hasn’t effected the color at all. You can also replace the honey with a plant oil, that would work really well too 🙂

  15. My hair is thin and curly, on the frizzy side. It breaks and creates knots easily so I thougt a yogourt mask would help but really it didn’t! It was even harder to untangle them after the mask. Not a good idea for my type of hair 🙁

    • Okay, it is mostly protien it doesnt moisterise. For healthy hair you need the right balance of Protein x Moisture for your hair type. Use a moisture shampoo and conidtioner and you should be fine. Also follow up with a nice hair oil ( no silicones etc ) after u get outta the shower with 80 to 90% wet hair and dry as you usually would ( I use either a mix of or either of the following : Rosehip Seed Oil, Flaxseed oil, Hemp Seed oil, Chiaseed oil, meadowfoam oil or even just EVOO) a lil goes a long way too

      • This sounds great! To the posters recommending using a hair oil – a leave in hair oil is absolutely no good for those of us with thin, fine hair. Even rinse out oils can leave build up that lasts for days, if your hair is fine!

        I have an incredibly itchy, flaky scalp and am going to try this mask tomorrow. That’s if I can resist eating it! ?

    • I’m middle aged with a hypothyroid condition which makes your hair dry and I color my hair. So my hair is in bad condition. From other posts it seems adding oil would be a good idea. My latest favorite is avocado oil. Less than ten drops should do it, I would think. I have long hair so I’ll be doubling the recipe. ?

  16. Hi! I wanted to know how long would this mask last if say for example you stock this in the fridge?

  17. Though this type of DIY hair mask is not for all, it’s still worthwhile to try it yourself to know. I’m going to try it this weekend – I hope this works for me. 🙂

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  19. […] Yogurt is traditionally used as the hair conditioner to obtain the healthy hair. The goodness of the lactic acid in the yogurt is claimed to be beneficial to obtain the healthy hair. This is due to the beneficial effect of the adequate growth of the hair from hair follicle due to the clearing of the dead cells (10). […]

  20. Simple and effective! My thin, fine hair had started to become broken and frizzy looking. This easy mask calmed the frizz and restored the luster…so grateful!

    • Hi Susan! It’s such a simple recipe, but makes a big difference! I’m so glad you tried it and that you found success with it!

  21. Uhm. Thanks for sharing this, but i have a question, do we expect to see a healthy/treated hairafter applying this like immediately?

    • How long does this paste last? I had juices lots of oranges and have lots of peels left o just filled the blender and moved it to old hair mask containers. Does it need to be refrigerated because of the yogurt ?? Hoping i didn’t make too much and wAste it!

  22. Not sure about all types of hair (I’m a Curly Sue!) But when I tried this, my hair was extremely soft after first use.

  23. Thanks for sharing amazing information on hair. Your genuine words about hair and its care are really helpful. I personally feel there are very few people who are likely to share real knowledge and i also recommend this information further.

    • For those asking about shampooing. It says to wash as normal after applying the yogurt/ honey mix in the directions. I will be trying this today. Thank you

  24. I have been having issues with finding the best mask for me. After reading this article, my issues has come to an end. I really love the information you provided here as it has helped me a lot. merely looking at the article, i can see that it is written by a PRO. please check my article on Facebook Marketplace Settings and give me valuable feedback. Thanks for the good write-up.

  25. I agree with you that combination of YOGURT and HONEY is a great deep conditioning hair mask. I have tried it many times but because there is too much hassle I face every time so I stopped using it. Now I always use MystiqueEarth’s natural hair conditioner.

  26. Tried this yesterday and my hair is super soft! I feel like it also helped create more bounce to my 2B curls. Easy to do and I always have these ingredients on hand so looking forward to doing it again soon! I’m on the hunt for some more masks that will help bring back life to some sections of my hair that have become more 2A than 2B (mostly in the front part of my hair). Any other masks you recommend?!

  27. This mask worked so well. My hair feels so soft and manageable in just one time use of this. I loved it . Thanks a ton for this recipe??.

  28. Hay, how are you,
    i Hope you will fine!
    i read the blog post really impressive content
    thanks for sharing , i really enjoy,
    i used this method i helpful for me

  29. Should my hair be wet or dry? I tried dry and it was a bit difficult with the honey hardening in my hair.

  30. Man o man…. my scalp already revealed this masque to me. I’m 54 and my beautiful youthful happy hair has changed. I started dying my hair instead of using bleach for highlights. My hair loss was 50% . Rats! Then I began with a occasional itch with no flakes and no idea why. In the middle of the night, one time was especially bad, I awoke and my scalp was so itchy it actually made me cry. I refused to appease my scalp by digging my nails in and scratching out more hairs. I applied some coconut oil…nope. I literally poured the bottle of olive oil on my head…nope. So I then was just upset and I could tell my being upset caused my scalp to be more inflamed. To the shower. I put the shampoo on before I got it wet. ( old trick) and I have always used top quality salon product on my hair. Rinsed with water suds again then apple cider vinegar and a cool rinse then I finally got some more sleep. This happened a few more times and I just started to throw away any hair stuff with chemicals into the dumpster. I stopped coloring my hair and after months of looking for no chemical shampoo I finally attained a few. But my scalp needed honey… and yogurt. Instinctively I knew to use them. Honey is good in many medicinal ways. Manuka is best and Greek whole fat yogurt I use both on my face and it is soft and glowing. So I find it is best to use this mask after I wash and clarify and let my hair dry. It’s a day long process but I no longer am shedding like a cat and I think my hair has began to be blonde agin instead of gray silver and white. I read the scalp loses moisture when hair turns gray and the follicles die from various things. So my old school knowledge from the 70s came to mind. Ph balance. With that in mind my entire beauty regiment has easily changed and I make most of my skincare in the kitchen. No more itchy scalp….one awesome thing most people don’t think about is NaPCA. Or sodium PCA. Our skins natural moisture. There is some you can buy and squirt it on your hair scalp and face and body and it is great in place of water when you need to activate a dry ingredient or thin one out.
    I love this hair mask. I have some pretty good conditioners too. Maybe I should blog. I like your content. Thanks for caring enough to share.

  31. Amazing hair mask I’ve been using it now for awhile and I’m in love with the way it makes my hair feels and it’s cheap so that’s always a plus.
    Thank you so much for passing this mask on to the public.
    Dee: from sunny Florida

  32. Hey…. I tried it. It was so good, it saved me from cutting my hair as I was fed up of dry frizzy hair. This mask actually turned them soft and shiny like always before.

  33. Stupid question: should hair be covered with a plastic cap after applying mix or just leave hair uncovered?

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