Yoghurt & Honey Condtioning Hair Mask

DIY hair mask ingredients - coconut oil, honey and yoghurt

Dry, brittle. Puffs up in humidity. Frizzes out if you brush it. If this is your hair, I have just the thing for you! This anti-frizz treatment will  be your new favorite! Most hair treatments recipes are based on oil, but if you use too much, you end up looking like a grease ball for days. This mask is made with three ingredients that will leave your hair looking better than ever! All I ask is that you try it and let me know what you think!!

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Yoghurt: full of protein, it offers nourishment that our hair needs to grow strong and healthy. It also has moisturising properties which make it a great natural conditioner. Are you trying to grow your hair? Yogurt has lactic acids, which is great for cleansing the scalp and clearing away dead skin cells to help your hair follicles grow!

Honey: honey is a humectant, it attracts and retains moisture in your hair and an emollient, helping to soften and smoothen. Full of vitamins, it’s also skin food for your scalp! Honey can lighten your hair over time, but if you only use this treatment once a week, you probably won’t see any changes.

Coconut Oil: you can’t do a good hair mask without a drop of coconut oil. It’s unique in that it can actually penetrate the hair shaft, moisturising from within. It’s incredibly nutrient rich and antibacterial – so you’ll be conditioning your scalp as well. It’s going to help the hair shaft to lay flat so that your hair looks smooth and shiny – but definitely not greasy. It’s a very rich oil, so a drop will do.

honey, yoghurt & coconut oil - DIY hair mask ingredients

DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

for dry, frizzy hair

ingredients (double up for long hair):

  • 2  tablespoons natural yogurt
  • 1  tablespoon honey
  • 1/4 tsp coconut oil for thin hair, 1/2 tsp coconut oil for thicker hair (see how your hair soaks in the oil – mine can only take a drop!)


  1. if your coconut oil is hard, go ahead and melt it down
  2. combine all of the ingredients together
  3. work the mask onto your hair, from the scalp to the ends
  4. give your scalp a good massage – you want the mask to cover your scalp
  5. leave the mask on for 15 -20 minutes
  6. wash as normal, if you use conditioner, just a small amount on the ends will do.
  7. do this treatment once a week to restore and maintain your hair.

DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

UPDATE: Nov 1st 2015. I’ve put everything I know about simple, healthy natural skincare into a BRAND NEW three-week online workshop called:

“SIMPLIFY Skin: Natural, effortless, whole food skincare”

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Comments (31)

  • Hello
    I have a question. I’ve used countless oils, I’ve used various hair masks from ones sold in the stores to do it yourself ones.. mayonnaise, honey, yogurt. My hair is soft, but it looks dry, especially at the ends. I get regular trims. I’ve used henna for years. I have finally decided to let my hair go grey. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
    Bonnie J. Howell

  • Nabila Reply

    When do u use it? Before a shower or while hair is wet?

  • Arshma Reply

    Hey thank you so much for such a great and awesome hair mask ..this is really fantastic this has actually removed all the dirt trapped in the hair..and my hair has become very soft and shiny too ..thanks a ton ! By the way can u please give me any tips abt split ends …any hair mask or any idea will do. ☺

    Hi Arshma! I’m so glad you liked it – thanks for sharing!! Have you seen our DIY Hair Treatments? The Banana Protein Hair Smoothie is great for brittle hair… Check it out: http://littlegreendot.com/diy-hair-treatment-recipes/

  • The coconut oil and honey is my go to mask! Unbelievable how well it work! ;) I also use another mask which is coconut oil and jojoba. This is a great tip.Thanks

  • Archi Reply

    Should we shampoo hair ? Or leave it just washing

  • Pragya Reply

    I’ve seen a super hair DIY for fizzy hair. Have a look.

  • Mitch Reply

    Is it good to use honey Everyday for hair treatment ?

    Hi Mitch! I have a friend who has replaced her shampoo, with honey! It’s incredibly antibacterial and cleansing for the scalp and moisturising too. I’d start slow, and build up taking notice of how your hair reacts.

  • Wow, it’s really great article. Thank you so much. For how many days did you apply this to see the results

  • With the coffee treatment my hair looked healthier and brighter right away. I mixed 1 cup strong brewed coffee with 2 tbsp coffee granules and about 3tbsp coconut oil conditioner.

  • Dina Reply

    Do you think I can wrap my hair in a shower cap and sleep with the mask for better results? My hair has no shine at all, I’m very upset with the fashion nowadays, with my huge puffy hair I’d fit better in the 90’s.

    Dina -listen, if you bring back frizzy 90s hair, I’d be so happy! :) I’m not sure with the yogurt and honey, how it might smell, what little critters it might attract… :) maybe best to wash it off before bed. You can try a deep hair treatment (argan or coconut), don’t saturate your hair with oil, because you’ll be washing it off for days, but applying oil to your tips on the night before hair wash days will tame strands!

  • sejal Reply

    its really work great. after applying this mask on hair. i got my hair shine and smoothness never before. go for this for sure

  • Heidi Reply

    Exactly what I was looking. I’m trying this tomorrow =)


    Hi :) I tried your DIY hair mask and it worked for me. Thank you so much!

    That’s so good to hear!!

    ZK Reply

    Hi do you have any good tips and tricks for removing dead nits from hair ? They are dead eggs that are stuck in my hair for ages now and not even the fine tooth comb method is working now,
    Please help me


    This is one the best combs out there for nits removal. My daughter got lice from school a few years ago & we used this one daily. Never had a problem again.


    Also, if you can tolerate the smell, use pure neem oil on your hair first. It loosens the glue used to hold the nits to your hair shaft. Your hair may smell like burnt onions for a day or so, but it really works.

  • Niharika Priyadarshini Reply

    It’s a very useful deep conditioning hair mask. My hair is curly and I straighten it once in a week. After shampooing my hair, it becomes frizzy dry dull etc. It really looks weird. I tried this hair mask and I got amazing results. My hair is super silky, healthy and shiny now. I just love this hair mask.

    monika Reply

    For how many weeks did you apply this to see the results?

    Hi Monika! What I’ve noticed is that consistency brings and keeps the results, once a week for a month will make a big difference. Any time I slack off a bit on my self-care, I begin to notice the condition change – so the best thing is to keep it up :)

  • It looks so easy, I will try this recipe. Thank you

    Awesome! Hope you like how it works for you! :)

  • sivan Reply

    When you say “wash as normal” should I use shampoo?

  • April N Reply

    Hi, which type of honey do you use? is it those over the shelf honeys sold in supermarkets or the premium graded ones?

    Hi April! You can use any honey – but I use what I have at home which is a raw honey that I get on iHerb :)

  • nika Reply

    can you make a bigger portion of it and kind of keep it in a little container or something like that or will it become bad?

    You can – but you’d only use this mask once a week at most – so I think it’s best to make up a small batch as needed.

    Denise Reply

    Honey is a preservative, so that’s helpful in keeping it good in the fridge. But agreed; if only doing once a week, just make a small batch each time.

  • jo Reply

    does it really help to defrizz?

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