Do your days ever feel cluttered? It’s like walking around with a foggy cloud that sits in your head – made up of ideas and images swirling around. All things that you want to do, should do, need to do…. but no idea where to begin.

Clutter of any kind is consuming – it feels heavy and overwhelming. It makes people say things like: “I don’t have time for that.” or ” I can’t do that.” It keeps you stuck.

Simplifying your lifestyle – helps you de-clutter your mind, find focus and clarity. In this space, what you truly want becomes more clear to you and the answers for how to achieve it.

But it’s not something that happens to you, it’s something that you create – and I like to think that’s what we’re all here trying to do.

I’d love to share some of the things that I’ve noticed work for me. I’d spent so long feeling stuck and unfulfilled and simplifying my life has allowed me to make more time for the things that matter. And when you give yourself that time, it has the potential to change your life!

How to Simplify and De-clutter Your Week

Begin the morning from success

I’m going to say it: don’t hit the snooze button!

Often we feel tired from with work, demands and the million other things in life. But at the core of it, I think the frustration comes from feeling that there’s more to life. More to us.

Even if you’re not sure yet what that is – it’s ok. I’ve noticed that spending your time discovering all the things that make you happy, feels a lot like being happy!

Begin your day with a sense of purpose, curiosity and excitement – it will change the way you feel and therefore what you do. Stop hitting snooze on your life, get up and go discover all that there is to you!

Try this new morning routine, your new snooze button!

Visualize the Big Three

See yourself having an amazing week – you’re being a complete badass! What are you doing? How are you making people feel?

From this vision, what are 3 things that you can focus on, which if you accomplish in the week will make you feel the happiest?

Yes, there are a million things to do, there always are.. But this week – focus on those three things and make them happen.

Batch It Up

This is where the you who’s feeling excited, awake and full of energy takes care of the future you who’s tired, run down and not in the mood…

Do a big grocery shop, stock your fridge. Bake yourself a sweet, but still healthy treat to come home to. Prep for a little self-care, make yourself a body scrub so that even when you feel a bit low, you’ll still be glowing!

I hope these tips help you to have a really good week, full of moments that you love! If you think it’s worthy – please share by clicking the share buttons below!

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