My parents recently moved to Colombia and this year we’ve come with the whole family to visit! The first thing I did when I arrived was raid my mother’s kitchen – partly because I was hungry, but mostly because I’m super curious and love looking through all her things! And –  look what I found….


She’s got a batch of vinegars infusing for cleaning the house! Eucalyptus (great for repelling mosquitos) and lime (yummy scent!)

Now, in fairness – my mother told me about cleaning with vinegar back when I was 20 and moving into my first apartment. I thought it was ridiculous and never gave it much thought… life is funny, because now I’ve taken it to the max!

Seeing my own mother now re-inspired by the things that we’re doing in our home, really makes me feel good! And, it’s just a reminder that the best way to inspire someone to live a healthier life – is to live one yourself!

Check out Mom’s Calendula Infused Vinegar! Smells so good and she even uses it to tonify her skin too, which is super smart because it has skin soothing qualities!


If you want to start infusing your own vinegars and making super-easy natural cleaners – check out a few of my favorite recipes:

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  2. Soapy Surface Scrub
  3. Purifying Linen Spray
  4. Naturally Clean Drains
  5. Clean your Chopping Boards Naturally
  6. Get the Cleanest Windows and Mirrors!

What’s your favorite green cleaning recipe or tip? Let me know in the comments!

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