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  • Take a Rare Glimpse Inside a Singapore Heritage Home

    Ren, founder of Matter – a socially motivated lifestyle brand – invited me to tour her home. Ok, I asked… but that’s one of the perks of writing this blog – I have the privilege of seeing these incredible spaces and I’m delighted to share them with you!  Singapore is a fast-paced, modern city – the nation is just 49 […]

  • How to Choose Green Cleaning Products

    We just wrapped up September’s SIMPLIFY Home workshop, teaching students to make their own natural homecare products. SIMPLIFY Home is about keeping it real – simple, practical and effective solutions that we can easily integrate into our lives to create a home we love! Everyone was surprised to learn how simple it is to turn everyday kitchen ingredients – into powerful multi-purpose cleaners. And what I know after […]

  • Ten Smart Uses for Dish Soap

    I once chatted with the manufacturer of a natural skincare line and he revealed a secret to me… Let’s see what you think. He offers a range of around 8 different natural products, from shampoo to body wash to toothpaste. But actually, for most of the products – the contents are exactly the same. Same ingredients, same formulation – […]

  • Speed Cleaning // The Oven

    I once heard that if you’re renting or buying a home, a good way to check how well it’s been maintained, is to check the oven. If there’s baked on mess from years of lasagnas – it’s not a good sign! The oven is often neglected and if it’s gotten bad, it’s not an easy mess to clean up. That’s when […]

  • 5 Ways to Go Green at Home

    Want to create a happy, healthy home you love? Here are five easy tips to help you live a little more green and feel good in your home! Green Tip #1: Keep it simple You don’t always need to use a spray product to clean. A dry micro-fiber cloth can easily buff out water stains on glass, mirrors […]

  • Kitchen Tips // Don’t make this mistake

    I sat down with Chef Clement to talk oils, because in our circles, oil is a pretty hot topic! 🙂 We want to know – which are the best, how to use them, how to properly store them… Chef is all about cooking and eating foods that makes you feel your best – so I thought […]

  • Get Crafty

    Organised junk? Yes! Absolutely – your kids (and you) will love this! Instead of buying crafting materials, set up this craft box to reuse what’s around you.  As you collect materials that can be re-purposed, just add them in. That way, instead of keeping a stash of toilet paper rolls around the house – you’ll have this beautifully organised craft box – making all of […]

  • Curated Living // Urban Gardening Supplies

    Even if you’re not yet a gardener – I think setting yourself up with the right tools can be great motivation to do the things you want for yourself… Here’s a little inspiration for you to create a home that gets you in the mood to spend time in your garden. No back-yard required! Green house // Fork & Trowel // Mini Heirloom […]

  • Learn // How to Repot your Plants

    I have a confession… and this isn’t easy actually… but here it is: I’ve managed to kill three trees, twice. I bought the first round, to create a privacy wall from my neighbour. The nursery potted them for me and delivered them to my door. It was perfect – but within a few months, they all died. I blamed the cats. […]

  • Recipe // Natural Fridge Cleaners

    Cleaning out your fridge does not require toxic chemical sprays! It’s crazy that they make it, but guess what – we can make it better! In our DIY cleaner – we won’t add phtalates, found in fragrance which are an edocrine disruptor. We won’t add triclosan, found in many dish soaps and antibacterial products which are […]