Yogurt + Honey Conditioning Hair Mask

Dry, brittle. Can't deal in humidity. Frizzes out if you brush it. If this is your hair, this anti-frizz yogurt + honey hair mask will  be your new favorite! | littlegreendot.com

Dry, brittle. Can’t deal in humidity. Frizzes out if you brush it. If this is your hair, I have just the thing for you. This anti-frizz yogurt and honey hair mask will  be your new favorite!

Here’s what you should know: the main ingredient is yogurt and this is the game changer…

Yogurt and Honey Hair Mask | littlegreendot.com

Most hair treatments recipes are based on oil, but if you have thin hair like me –  you just end up trying to wash oil out of your hair for days. Right!?

That’s why, ever since I tried this mask – I haven’t turned back.

It deeply conditions your hair and leaves it looking happier and shinier. And if it’s not humid out… you might even want to wear it down :)

All I ask is that you try it and let me know what you think.

Yogurt + Honey Conditioning Hair Mask | littlegreendot.com

Ingredient Spotlight – Yogurt and Honey Hair Mask

How is yogurt good for your hair?

Natural yogurt is full of protein, it offers nourishment that our hair needs to grow strong and healthy. It also has fat that moisturises your hair and makes for a great natural conditioner.

Are you trying to grow your hair? Yogurt has lactic acids, which is great for cleansing the scalp and clearing away dead skin cells to help your hair follicles grow.

what to look for: full fat natural yogurt

How is honey good for your hair?

Honey is a humectant, it attracts and retains moisture in your hair. Honey is also an emollient, helping to soften and smoothen. Full of vitamins, it’s also skin food for your scalp.

what to look for: raw honey from a sustainable beekeeper

Yogurt and Honey Hair Mask | littlegreendot.com

DIY Deep Conditioning Yogurt Hair Mask for dry, frizzy hair

Militza Maury | littlegreendot.com
4.56 from 25 votes


  • 2 tablespoons natural yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon honey


  • Combine all of the ingredients together.
  • Work the mask onto your hair, from the scalp to the ends.
  • Give your scalp a good massage - you want the mask to cover your scalp.
  • Leave the mask on for 15 -20 minutes.
  • Wash as normal, but really well! If you use conditioner, just a small amount on the ends will do.
  • Do this treatment once a week to restore and maintain your hair.


For longer hair, just double the amounts of ingredients you use.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

I hope you love this hair mask and it makes you feel really good :)

Militza xx

p.s. Give your friends the gift of a good hair day – hit those share buttons below and spread the word!

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Comments (113)

  • militza
    Fatima Reply

    5 stars
    This mask worked so well. My hair feels so soft and manageable in just one time use of this. I loved it . Thanks a ton for this recipe??.

  • militza

    5 stars
    Tried this yesterday and my hair is super soft! I feel like it also helped create more bounce to my 2B curls. Easy to do and I always have these ingredients on hand so looking forward to doing it again soon! I’m on the hunt for some more masks that will help bring back life to some sections of my hair that have become more 2A than 2B (mostly in the front part of my hair). Any other masks you recommend?!

  • militza
    Leatra Ealim Reply

    Do it matter what kind of yogurt


    Hi Leatra, I use unflavored yogurt. Whether its greek or simply plain yogurt is fine!


    On wet or dry hair?


    You can apply it onto dry hair, before you shampoo. It would be nice to spritz your hair with water or rose water first to dampen.

  • militza

    5 stars
    I agree with you that combination of YOGURT and HONEY is a great deep conditioning hair mask. I have tried it many times but because there is too much hassle I face every time so I stopped using it. Now I always use MystiqueEarth’s natural hair conditioner.

  • militza

    This YOGURT + HONEY hAIR mASK is good to prevent hair fall..Thanks guys for sharing…

  • militza

    5 stars
    I have been having issues with finding the best mask for me. After reading this article, my issues has come to an end. I really love the information you provided here as it has helped me a lot. merely looking at the article, i can see that it is written by a PRO. please check my article on Facebook Marketplace Settings and give me valuable feedback. Thanks for the good write-up.

  • militza

    can i use it for damaged hair like honey+yougurt

  • militza

    This blog about diy Deep Conditioning Yogurt and Honey Hair Mask
    has helped me a lot, is very well written. I used this
    fat burner product: https://s96.me/fit and I reached the ideal weight.
    Kiss you All!

  • militza

    5 stars
    This really works!
    After using this hair mask i felt my hair became more shinier

    Persiasblossom Reply

    3 stars
    For those asking about shampooing. It says to wash as normal after applying the yogurt/ honey mix in the directions. I will be trying this today. Thank you

  • militza
    Pankhuri Reply

    This really works!
    After using this hair mask i felt my hair became more shinier and smoother.

  • militza
    Gayatri Reply

    After using the hair mask should i use shampoo

  • militza

    Thanks for sharing amazing information on hair. Your genuine words about hair and its care are really helpful. I personally feel there are very few people who are likely to share real knowledge and i also recommend this information further.

  • militza

    HI sir

    I need sponsor post on your site . ,, https://littlegreendot.com

    What is your price

    Waiting for your reply


  • militza
    Marie Maydel Reply

    Not sure about all types of hair (I’m a Curly Sue!) But when I tried this, my hair was extremely soft after first use.

  • militza
    Jenny Lopez Reply

    Can I use full fat Greek yogurt?

    Imaan Reply

    You can use any yogurt


    4 stars
    So i have hair loss problems and i am a teen could this help me

  • militza
    Samantha Jacinto Reply

    Uhm. Thanks for sharing this, but i have a question, do we expect to see a healthy/treated hairafter applying this like immediately?

    Hanover Reply

    Yes instantly your hair becomes soft

    Alexis Reply

    How long does this paste last? I had juices lots of oranges and have lots of peels left o just filled the blender and moved it to old hair mask containers. Does it need to be refrigerated because of the yogurt ?? Hoping i didn’t make too much and wAste it!

  • militza
    Dana Reply

    Do you apply this to wet or dry hair? Do you shampoo before?

  • militza
    Misbah Tausif Reply

    After using this hair mask do I need to shampoo?

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