SIMPLIFY Skin Autumn Starter Kit

Long time readers of Little Green Dot will know that I’m all about routines.

My daily routine used to consist of a bike ride at dawn, while listening to podcasts and audiobooks. And I loved it. It kept me fit, I spent time out of doors and I learned new ideas at the same time – it was perfect for me.

But then we had a big shake-up. We moved to Bali, I got so busy with my kids’ school and starting a new home, and the bike rides went away.

I’m not complaining – I’ve gained so much from being here. But you know that feeling, when you look up and go, “whoah – I’ve not done anything!!”

So I decided to start fresh.

I don’t have a bike here yet, so instead, I laced up my sneakers, put on my headphones and started going for walks.

I always listen to something that makes me feel good and on one of those walks, I was listened to a podcast that introduced me to a running app called Freeletics.

Let me tell you – I don’t run, I never have, not even to get out of the rain. But listening to this podcast, it sounded interesting and I have this habit of following my curiosities.

So I gave it a go…

Having fun running and getting to know the neighbours Having fun running and getting to know the neighbours

And as a result this summer, something big happened.

I went from no exercise routine, to walking, and then running!

I’ve only run a total of 11 miles, but that’s more than I’ve ever run. Slow at first, but I’m getting faster and stronger – and it feels really good!

Look, everyone needs a fresh start. But what is for you that prompts you to look up and go “whoah”?

Me, I love staying in tune with the seasons. Even though I live in the tropics where its permanently Summer, we’ve just entered the second rice planting season of the year.

Rice seedlings in Bali Rice seedlings near my home in Bali

Nature is in transition, preparing for something new. And I think that’s a good reminder and and a good opportunity to look at where you are now, and decide whether you want to let go of old routines, start new ones or freshen things up.

And that’s something to celebrate!

So we’re going to celebrate the coming Autumn with something brand new. This September 15th, I’m launching a brand new skincare collection for all of my SIMPLIFY Skin students – but I want also have something for you, to freshen up your self-care routine.

I created a free SIMPLIFY Skin Autumn Starter Pack to kick off the season.

Autumn Starter Kit

Inside you’ll find FOUR Autumn-inspired recipes, all made with nourishing whole foods:

  • Autumn Hair Rinse for shiny, soft and healthy hair
  • Autumn Glow Body Oil to luxuriously moisturize your body
  • Autumn Tea to hydrate your body and stimulate healthy skin
  • Salad Sprinkles to spruce up your Autumn salads with superfoods

Plus I’ve added some tips, inspiration and information – so that we can go into Autumn feeling our best from the inside, out!

Members, you’ll soon be receiving your brand new Autumn daily and weekly skincare routines, with recipe books and videos!! But in the meantime, go grab your free kit and get ready for Autumn!

So, here’s to celebrating change and a fresh start. Grab your Autumn Starter Pack now, and see how much change you can create this season!

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4 responses to “Make a fresh start this Autumn”

  1. Hi Militza 🙂
    I’m starting school this fall and like all beginnings i’d like to make it special by putting that extra effort to find my happy zone in making a routine for myself. Thank you for sharing your experience with us all. You continue to inspire me every single day. Looking forward to more of your mails. More power to you.

    • Hi Anna! It’s so lovely to connect, I’m really happy to hear that you’re learning from the blog. I try to keep it simple, but inspiring and informative – and I’m glad to know that’s coming through! Thanks for you message 🙂

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