14 Healthy Ideas For Meals on the Go!


We all know what it’s like when we’re busy and hungry – we tend to make bad choices! And then, we just end up feeling annoyed with ourselves! It’s crazy. We need a good plan.  That’s why I put together this list of quick meals for on the go. This is for all of us who want a healthy meal on the ready, to help us keep up the energy and feeling good!

1. Frozen Soup – freeze a big batch of soup in muffin trays. Great for the office, pack  a portion in a container – it will defrost throughout the day and just heat it up for a healthy lunch!


2. Quinoa Cold Salad – You could easily make a few jars of this. It keeps well in the fridge and you’re set for the next couple of days to grab-and-go!


3. Fruit on the bottom yogurt cups: This is my kid’s new favorite… and I’m not complaining!


4. Get set up – buy a bento box: If you don’t have a bento box yet – go get one! When you have the right equipment, it makes packing healthy lunches much easier! PS – here’s my recipe for a 10 minute Spanish Omelette


5. Celery and Peanut butter: then again, packing a snack can be this easy too! :)


6. Healthy travel tips: Traveling? Plan ahead and pack a supply of healthy treats, snacks and meals!


7. Wrap it up! Wraps make an easy and portable meal for on the go!


8. Salad in a jar! Not only is anything in a jar completely adorable, but it’s really practical too! Keep your wet and dry layers separate until you’re ready to toss it all in a bowl (or just eat straight from the jar!)


9. Chili and Cornbread: You prep ahead (the chili and cornbread dough) and then just bake the whole thing in a jar! I bet that you can freeze them unbaked… defrost it in the fridge over-night… pop it in the oven first thing in the morning – and  win the prize for best lunch in the afternoon!


10. Pasta in  Jar – It’s too easy! Cook, jar, eat! Here’s my recipe for a super easy tomato sauce!


11. Snack Attack – Roasted Chickpeas and “Cheesy” Kale Chips. Be prepared for the munchies! These are my two absolute favourite zero-guilt snacks!


12. Plan ahead! When I get super organized – everything runs smoother. This idea for day-of-the-week snacks is great. Sure, your fridge may look like a crazy person’s – but you’ll be smiling!  :) But, do try to create no-waste packing solutions! 


13. Keep it Light. Sometimes you just need a boost of energy – give this green juice a go!


14. A sweet treat! Not just for dessert – it’s for breakfast, lunch and everything in between!


Eat well and enjoy!

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  • militza

    I love all of these ideas, but one little concern – about the cornbread and chili. If the jars are refrigerated over night, they really should come to room temperature before going in the over. A dramatic temperature change is risk and could cause the jar to break. There are some containers that can go directly from fridge to oven, but I don’t know that canning jars fit this category…? Or, just make sure you use a container that is safe to go fridge-to-oven without coming to room temp first.

  • militza

    Thanks for this Militza! I’m always looking for quick meals to pack for work. I make overnight oatmeal for breakfast, which tastes great and is super easy to make – I mix oatmeal, milk, honey and dried cranberries in jar and let it sit in the fridge till I leave the next morning. It’s delicious! :)


    Yum! That sounds delicious! Thanks for the great idea!

  • militza
    Hong Reply

    Great ideas. One tip on reducing the amount of plastic used is rather than sealing in plastic bags, try wrapping in butcher’s brown paper – I get mine at the local Shen Siong. Cheap, relatively wetproof and sustainable!


    Hi Hong,

    Thanks a million for sharing your tip!!

  • militza
    Rosario. Carrillo Reply

    Great healthy ideas… Thanks Militza!! simple and nutritious… :-)


    Hi Rosario! SO happy that you enjoyed the post!

  • militza
    Priya Reply

    Your post came at the most perfect time :) LOVE your ideas, LOVE the fact that you share them with us ! Thank you heaps :) When will your next workshop be?


    Hi Priya! Thanks a million for your comment! Yes – workshop coming very soon – stay tuned and hope to see you there :)

  • militza
    christina Reply

    So you just convinced me to get a dehydrator! I’ve wanted one for ages, but I’m always confused which one to get. I just bit the bullet and got one. :) Thanks! Can’t wait to make cheesy kale chips!


    Hi Christina! Hurray! Good for you – please let me know how you get on with your kale chips :))

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