Little Green Dot Best of 2014

Looking back at Little Green Dot over the last 12 months – I’m so proud of the things we’ve learned, shared, and experienced together. I also know that a lot of work went into this year – but that’s how we create a life we love, that we can feel proud of.

 In the spirit of reminiscing, here’s a look at FOUR of the most popular posts of 2014!

ONE: Take a Rare Glimpse inside a Singapore Heritage Home


Ren, the founder of a socially motivated fashion brand, Matter – walked us through her rare Heritage Home. Her space tells a story – and inspired this question: what story do you want your home to tell? This question helps when choosing what to bring into your home.

Get Inspired: Take a Rare Glimpse Inside a Singapore Heritage Home

TWO: 3 Healthy Breakfast Bowls // A Healthy Week Challenge

Prep ahead for a healthy week! This breakfast challenge gives you the recipes you need to eat well and feel your best.

Get Inspired: 3 Healthy Breakfast Bowls // A Healthy Week Challenge

THREE: Deep Conditioning Yoghurt & Honey Hair Mask


This recipe is  a good example of making what you need, using what you already have. I skipped the expensive store-bought conditioner and made this instead! So many of you loved it!

Get Inspired: Deep Conditioning Yoghurt & Honey Hair Mask

FOUR: This 10 Minute Morning Routine Will Transform Your Day


Over 25,000 of you took this 10-minute challenge! It’s such a simple routine that will have a huge impact on your day!

Get inspired: This 10 Minute Morning Routine Will Transform Your Day

This year, I’ve collaborated with so many talented and passionate people, who have broadened and enriched my life so much. I want to thank everyone who has connected with me and shared their skills with Little Green Dot! Let’s keep inspiring each other in 2015!

Did you have a favourite post that I missed in this round-up? Did you try one of the recipes or take one of the healthy challenges? Tell me in the comments below!

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