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  • How to Choose Green Cleaning Products

    We just wrapped up September’s SIMPLIFY Home workshop, teaching students to make their own natural homecare products. SIMPLIFY Home is about keeping it real – simple, practical and effective solutions that we can easily integrate into our lives to create a home we love! Everyone was surprised to learn how simple it is to turn everyday kitchen ingredients – into powerful multi-purpose cleaners. And what I know after […]

  • 10 Amazing Raw Desserts + A Giveaway

    A few years back, I developed this little habit that wasn’t doing me any good: I ate an entire fruit & nut chocolate bar, every single night after dinner. This lasted for weeks! Of course I wouldn’t let myself keep a bunch of chocolate in the house  – no way – I would wait until the craving got really bad, around 7pm, […]

  • Hemp & Argan Hair Oil Treatment

    A good hair oil works in two ways: massaged onto the scalp, it helps to nourish and fortify your hair follicles. Worked onto the hair, it helps to moisturise and seal your strands. I showed my friend Holly a really simple recipe, that uses some of the best oils for our hair. Once you have them on hand, […]

  • June giveaway winner // drumroll…

    We had almost 400 entries for the Recipe + Giveaway! The whole idea was to not only inspire making – but to give the tools you need to start! I’m so excited for this month’s winner – this recipe is one of my favorites! Congratulations to Jennifer Perry! So happy for you!! Don’t forget, even though the giveaway is […]

  • Superfood Body Mask // Recipe + Giveaway

    How many times have you seen a recipe and thought, “I’ll make it one day, as soon as I buy all the ingredients… ”  But, we all know what happens – time passes and we never end up making it! Well, not this time! For this recipe, you can enter our giveaway for the chance to win all the necessary ingredients, delivered straight to […]

  • Giveaway! Win This Huge Method Household Products Bundle

    I never win anything. So, you can imagine my surprise when I got the email from Home & Decor magazine saying that I had won a hamper in their 25th birthday celebration! Exciting! I received this massive bundle of Method cleaning products worth over $90!! Naturally derived, biodegradable and made by a company with a great […]

  • 1000 Facebook Friends Giveaway!

    1000 Facebook friends. I’m blown away! I can’t begin to tell you how much you guys have enriched my life, because if I do, I may get teary-eyed sitting here at my local cafe and that would be awkward… You have motivated me to be a better person, to find my truth and to live […]

  • Kahina Giving Beauty Giveaway – Winner Announcement!

    And the winner of the Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Cleaner & Lotion duo is…..     The winner was chosen randomly – we asked the question “What is your beauty ritual?” and we so loved reading all of your responses! Here’s what Samantha said: I just use a gentle cleanser to wash my face and […]

  • Giveaway – Facial Cleanser & Lotion from Kahina – Giving Beauty

    I’m so excited about this giveaway, because I know that you’re going to be so excited about using it! Thanks to Charis Naturals, you stand the chance to win this ultra nourishing Khania – Giving Beauty Cleanser and Lotion Combo! The star ingredient in this line of natural skincare is argan oil. Rich in antioxidants, the Berber women of […]

  • Winners of the Mekhala Living giveaway!!

    We have a winner! Actually, we have 5 winners! Before I announce them, thanks so much to everyone who entered – I was really blown away by the response! We had 40 great tips for green living!  We’ve chose five entries at random, but I encourage you to check out all the replies, to see how everyone is […]