Category: Food

  • Noni Fruit // Backyard Superfood

    This alley runs just along my condo where there’s a single tree that produces fruit like it’s always in season, dripping these soft pods along the pavement. A few months ago I saw a neighbour collect the fruit and jar it. It sat outside his house for weeks – I was so curious to know what […]

  • Herbal Teas for Beautiful Skin

    While we love slathering on various skincare products for our blemishes, wrinkles, and other skin issues, we often forget that nourishing the skin from within plays a far larger role to how our skin looks like. Often we go about it the wrong way and apply harmful chemical laden synthetic beauty products that end up […]

  • Upgrade your Green Smoothie

    I’m so excited about this recipe! It comes from The Nutrition Clinic here in Singapore – created by a nutritionist who specialises in helping people cleanse their body and rebalance their diet. This smoothie has the perfect balance of greens, protein and healthy fat which is so important to fuel your body with a boost of nutrients […]

  • A Breakfast Trick to Make The Best Eggs!

    You’ve got perfectly cooked eggs and beautiful crispy hash-browns, all in one pan. Key word: one-pan! Serve this up for a weekend breakfast – your family will think you’re some of kind of genius! I’ve been making single serving portions in my mini pans, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you could do a larger batch of […]

  • Chocolate Zucchini Cake

    I cannot tell you what a joy this cake is to make. To say it’s beyond easy, would be a complete understatement. But, I think what really makes me smile – is all the zucchini that goes in it! I do like my veggies – but it trips me out how something that looks and tastes like a brownie – can be […]

  • Learn // How to Sprout Microgreens at Home

    Imagine having a supply of nutritionally dense, fresh sprouts that you can toss into salads, sandwiches, smoothies (or clearly, any other foods that begin with the letter “s“). And it’s all growing right in your own home! If you’ve been wanting to cultivate your green thumb – you’re going to love this tutorial from Cynthea of Super Farmers. She’ll show you just how easy growing your […]

  • 10 Amazing Raw Desserts + A Giveaway

    A few years back, I developed this little habit that wasn’t doing me any good: I ate an entire fruit & nut chocolate bar, every single night after dinner. This lasted for weeks! Of course I wouldn’t let myself keep a bunch of chocolate in the house  – no way – I would wait until the craving got really bad, around 7pm, […]

  • Super Toast for Breakfast

    For the first years of marriage, my husband and I ate buttered toast every single morning. Not because we were lazy or boring –  we just love toast. It wasn’t necessarily great for our energy levels or our waistlines though. Now that we eat mostly green shakes and healthy breakfasts, we can see the difference that breakfast choices make. […]

  • 3 Breakfast Bowls // A Healthy Week Challenge

    What do you think, would you be in for a bit of a challenge: one week of healthy breakfast… I’m talking fresh spinach & roasted veggie salad on one day, maybe some quinoa, passionfruit compote and coconut milk on another – then how about a creamy green breakfast smoothie… Who wouldn’t feel amazing, starting the days with all […]

  • A new kind of lunch experience

    I recently had the opportunity to help the Secret Chef (whose name I can’t reveal 🙂 organize one of his underground lunches. He created these experimental, pop-up lunches to celebrate the way food can bring people together. Driven by a belief that “great ideas are discussed over meals and great relationships are built around tables”, he’s now finding a community of people who seem to […]