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  • Recipe Rescue – Kitchen Staples You Can Make Yourself!

    I love a good kitchen hack! This idea was inspired by finding ways to use what we have, to make what we need. You can save money, simplify your kitchen and avoid a melt-down when you realize that you need buttermilk to make your favorite buttermilk biscuits! Don’t be caught without baking powder, buttermilk or […]

  • Salad Jars For On the Run, No Chopping Required!

    I met my friend, Liv, at my new office (which, I have to tell you all about!). She’s created an awesome website called Stretch City sharing what yogis love – so I thought Iā€™d share my recipe for a no-fuss Salad Jar. This is for all of us who want to eat well, but need real […]

  • Learn: Jam Making 101

    We’re learning how to make the best homemade jam straight from a professional jam maker! Joey produces a line of artisanal jams, GSH Conserves, and brought us into his own family kitchen to share one of his most popular flavours  – Mango Lime. It’s so good that it took great restraint not to lick the bowl – but […]

  • From This to That – Smoothies & Facials

    One of my favorite ways to simplify my life is by getting the most out of the things that I already have! Picture this – you wake up in the morning and blend up a super healthy green shake. Instead of throwing away the peels, you save them for the evening. When you come home, […]

  • Refrigerator Tips

    I’ve tried a ton of different organization tips – and my current system is the best that I’ve ever managed. Recently my schedule went on overdrive and I saw myself skimping on my meals – the fresh salads, green shakes and juicing… Here’s what I did:  I took an afternoon to organize my fridge to work […]

  • 14 Healthy Ideas For Meals on the Go!

    We all know what it’s like when we’re busy and hungry – we tend to make bad choices! And then, we just end up feeling annoyed with ourselves! It’s crazy. We need a good plan.  That’s why I put together this list of quick meals for on the go. This is for all of us who want […]

  • Konjac Jellies – a Beautiful Dessert!

    A few months ago I had lunch with a friend, Maggie who shared her konjac noodles recipes with us. She produces a line of body and face sponges made of konjac, and she enjoys exploring different ways of using this beauty food… Well, she’s done it again! Check out these dessert jellies – you should of seen […]

  • Cookie Cutter French Toast Recipe

    I had to grab a few pics from our breakfast – these little french toast bites were a huge hit with the girls! If you could of seen there faces light up when they sat down for breakfast, it’s exactly how I want them to feel everyday! Sure, I let them sprinkle a little powdered […]

  • 14 Kitchen Ideas that Make Life Easier

    Creating an efficient kitchen gives me a weird sense of excitement –  but it’s because I know that when my kitchen is in order, I get happy about making food – and I believe that’s exactly how we need to feel! I’ve also thrown in a few extra ideas that will not only help you […]

  • Composting Made Easy

    Whether you want to grow your own veggie garden, windowsill herbs or a simple pot of mint – the secret to healthy, thriving plants is in the soil. A good compost can make all the difference. And, if you grow edible plants,  it will produce healthier food for you. It turns out making your own […]