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  • Start the Morning Right // End the Week Right

    I love learning from my friends – so the other day I invited Christopher Remaley over to my office to teach us how to make his Spicy Lemonade juice. Chris is a Michelin-star trained chef and knows how to make a GREAT tasting juice. He was the personal chef to Robert De Niro – which was amazing – but Chris told me how the job’s […]

  • Drink Pink // Peach & Raspberry Green Smoothie

    I’ve been drinking a green smoothie regularly  for the last year and I have to say it’s something just makes me feel better. Like everyone, I have ups and downs – but when I break my morning smoothie routine – I miss it – and always get right back into it. Green smoothies give me more energy, I feel […]

  • Kitchen Tips // Don’t make this mistake

    I sat down with Chef Clement to talk oils, because in our circles, oil is a pretty hot topic! 🙂 We want to know – which are the best, how to use them, how to properly store them… Chef is all about cooking and eating foods that makes you feel your best – so I thought […]

  • What I’m currently reading

    What book have you been reading lately? I have three on the go… wait, do cookbooks count? Sure they do! Two of my current reads, I discovered at the library – a resources for cookbooks that I’ve never considered before. Am I the only one? Usually I’m at the bookshop debating whether or not to […]

  • Learn to Make – Chef Clement’s Asian Pesto Recipe + 3 Ways to Use It!

    Chef Clement runs a healthy lifestyle bakery & gourmet takeaway, Simply Eden. He’s passionately obsessed about whole foods – one conversation with him will take you from bread, to chocolate, to protecting our earth – all seamlessly intertwined. Constantly experimenting, Chef plays all day in his kitchen, combining flavours like sun-dried tomato and chocolate, baking […]

  • Citrus & Berry Thirst Quencher Recipe

    If you struggle to drink plain water all day, this is something you may like! This is flavoured water – a great alternative to anyone who goes for the bottled drinks – try this instead! I’ve been making flavoured water with different flavour variations – but I think this combo is especially yummy. Ever since I […]

  • How to Use Your Aloe Vera Gel

    Every natural home has to have aloe on hand. Whether it’s bottled, or fresh – aloe does wonders for your skin, hair and health! We all know that it’s good for burns – but you really needn’t wait for an accident to use aloe! Benefits: Aloe packs an impressive 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds including […]

  • The Gift of Food

    My husband recently spent a week in  Amsterdam – riding his bicycle along the canal, taking in the sights, indulging in Dutch cuisine… Yeah ok, I may have been the tiniest bit jealous – but any of that immediately disappeared when he presented me with the most perfect gift – a selection of Dutch cheeses. I […]

  • Your Go-To Dessert // Apple Crumble Recipe

    I’m convinced that to be the worlds best host/party guest, you only really need one dependable signature dish. One that’s so simple, you know it by heart and can whip it up with complete ease. Everyone thinks you’re a kitchen genius (which you are!) and it’s all because one day you read a blog where you […]

  • Make This – The Easiest Homemade Bread

    True story: the other night I was prepping my daughter’s school lunch for the next day, when I realised that I was out of bread. Going to the shops was the last thing I wanted to do… then I remembered that I actually had a batch of bread dough from a recipe that I was […]