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  • What I’m currently reading

    What book have you been reading lately? I have three on the go… wait, do cookbooks count? Sure they do! Two of my current reads, I discovered at the library – a resources for cookbooks that I’ve never considered before. Am I the only one? Usually I’m at the bookshop debating whether or not to […]

  • Curating Naiise

    Have you seen Naiise yet? It’s an online shop, with the goal to make good design accessible – and I was asked to curate pieces that fit our green lifestyle. I love the idea of creating a home that celebrates green living – choosing sustainable materials, supporting local and handmade, filling your home with plants and […]

  • Press the Reset Button…

    My youngest goes to the park most days – but today, I really wasn’t in the mood. It was one of those mornings where the day was just starting – and I already felt like I did 10 things wrong… Half-heartedly, I say to her – honey, go get dressed for the park – so […]

  • Composting Made Easy

    Whether you want to grow your own veggie garden, windowsill herbs or a simple pot of mint – the secret to healthy, thriving plants is in the soil. A good compost can make all the difference. And, if you grow edible plants,  it will produce healthier food for you. It turns out making your own […]

  • Why I Wake Up Early

    If you feel like your day has a hold over you – like you’re constantly being pulled from one thing to the next and never have the time to engage in the things that make you happy – then hear me out on this one. Last year during Christmas, I knew that I wanted to […]

  • Q&A Green Thursday – Lemon Detox Excuses

    My “21 Day Morning Detox” is by far the most popular post on the blog. It’s struck a chord with you guys and that’s awesome because it means you’re looking for ways to make healthy changes. It’s been viewed thousands of times (if you haven’t seen it go check it out) and I’ve received well […]

  • Consume Less, Make More

    I read a great article called The Builder’s High which reminded me about why we take the time to make things. We see all this gorgeous content out there on the internet – recipes, people’s homes and ideas. It has us face-down, staring into our phone or laptop… but what we’re looking at, it’s all other […]

  • Q&A Green Thursday – Natural Mothballs

    Hi friends! I’ve been wanting to do this series for a long time. You guys send me a lot of great questions, which I usually sit down to answer one by one – but we all share so much in common, I thought, why not get the answers out there to everyone?! So, that’s what Q&A […]

  • Lessons from an Accidental Environmentalist

    My green journey started back in 2007. I was a new mom and trying to make healthy changes… but it was more like being on a roller coaster called “trying to be green, and mostly getting it wrong.” Not really a fun ride. However, with every new year, it felt like a fresh start. A […]

  • 20 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Lemons

    If you’re a green shake enthusiast, green juice lover – or trying out the 21 day morning detox – you’re going to be using a lot of lemons! Don’t throw away those peels – so much goodness lives there! I have 20 ways to use them: Lemon zest for cooking. Before you squeeze your lemon, […]