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  • Be inspired

    I’m re-doing my work studio and have an idea to create a wall of inspiration – photos, images, paintings and words that inspire me. I want to walk into the room and feel instantly motivated to do something amazing. Here are some posters that I’ve been looking at – maybe you’ll find a little inspiration in them too! They […]

  • Help shape the future of Little Green Dot!

    Hi! I’ve been busy working on the 2013 plan for Little Green Dot and you are being called in to actively contribute to the direction that we move in. To be honest, when I started writing this blog, it was just my own personal journey. I had no idea that sharing the little changes that […]

  • Skin Brightening Pineapple & Papaya AHA Mask

    I recently hit our local markets in search of fresh ingredients to make my Skin Brightening Pineapple & Papaya AHA mask. It smells amazing and leaves your skin rejuvenated and glowing! You have to try it. Head over to Aquila Style, where I shared the recipe! Click here for the recipe!

  • Giveaway – Facial Cleanser & Lotion from Kahina – Giving Beauty

    I’m so excited about this giveaway, because I know that you’re going to be so excited about using it! Thanks to Charis Naturals, you stand the chance to win this ultra nourishing Khania – Giving Beauty Cleanser and Lotion Combo! The star ingredient in this line of natural skincare is argan oil. Rich in antioxidants, the Berber women of […]

  • OSEA Seaweed Face Serums from Pure Tincture

    The ladies at Pure Tincture have done it again! They are meticulous about the skincare products that they bring in and have just found a new range of face serums by OSEA that are really exciting. They’re made with mineral rich seaweeds, which are organically grown and hand-harvested from pristine waters. Then, blended with an ayurvedic mix of […]

  • Let’s be Pinterest Friends!

    Hi! You may have noticed the Pinterest feature on the blog. Or  maybe not…so I thought I’d tell you about it! I’ve started a pinterest board and I’ll be collecting all kinds of  images that inspire me. So far I have things like: breakfast ideas, kitchen & home decor, organization and all kinds of things […]

  • Favorites of the Month – January!

    It’s the last day of the month which means it time for: Favorites of The Month! Here it is – all the the little things that really stood out this month! 1. Calendula Remedy. This is from Four Cow Farm – a children’s skin care line that I featured before and loved. I had tested the products […]

  • The Year of Simple Imperfection

    Wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and awe in nature. It is authentic, simple, uncluttered and a celebration of the marks that time, weather and use leave behind. Wabi-sabi is flea markets, handmade, it’s aged wood, untreated paper, unfinished hems.  It reminds us that we are connected to the world around […]

  • Behind The Brand – Idocare

    For this week’s Behind The Brand, I met with Humaa, the creator of Idocare – a brand new line of eco-friendly cleaning products. We talked about what led her to an unexpected change in career direction, how she built her business, and her motivations to create something that makes the world a little better. Now, […]

  • Live with passion

    Live with passion

    I am so inspired by people with passion. It’s not just about the subject of their passion, but it’s that energy that they posses. That drive to do the thing you love, everyday – despite how crazy it may seem. I truly believe that the most beautiful characteristic a person can possess is passion. When […]