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  • Homemade Kiddie Prize Soap

    This has to be the cutest (and easiest) soap craft ever – no fancy equipment, no special soap-making ingredients… And the best part? Your kids are going to want to wash their hands! We all know it’s important to wash our hands – but did you know that to kill germs, we’re meant to rub vigoursly with soap […]

  • Ten Summer Eco Crafts your Kids Will Love!

    Here are 10 great summer crafts that will keep your kiddo happy all afternoon. Or at least for an hour, which honestly is all we need sometimes! 🙂 The great thing is they’ll be creating fun crafts with bits and pieces of materials that we would have thrown away – but now – can happily repurpose. How […]

  • Get Crafty

    Organised junk? Yes! Absolutely – your kids (and you) will love this! Instead of buying crafting materials, set up this craft box to reuse what’s around you.  As you collect materials that can be re-purposed, just add them in. That way, instead of keeping a stash of toilet paper rolls around the house – you’ll have this beautifully organised craft box – making all of […]

  • Learn // How to Choose Plants at the Nursery

    We’re week two into our month long school holiday and today we hung out all day with Nova from Cultivate Central, an urban farmer here in Singapore. We’re working on a new project together and she offered to help me pick out edible plants from the nursery. I thought – perfect – that means I […]

  • School Holidays

    My eldest is on her first ever school summer holiday –  and I’m experiencing a parenting first…. what am I going to do for her all month? Right away I’m thinking about enrichment programs – maybe ballet or drama, museums, the zoo…  I’m making lists of activities and at the same time – wondering how […]

  • Cookie Cutter French Toast Recipe

    I had to grab a few pics from our breakfast – these little french toast bites were a huge hit with the girls! If you could of seen there faces light up when they sat down for breakfast, it’s exactly how I want them to feel everyday! Sure, I let them sprinkle a little powdered […]

  • Press the Reset Button…

    My youngest goes to the park most days – but today, I really wasn’t in the mood. It was one of those mornings where the day was just starting – and I already felt like I did 10 things wrong… Half-heartedly, I say to her – honey, go get dressed for the park – so […]

  • On being different…

    I cycle my daughter to school. I always have. It’s much easier than dealing with the line-up of cars in the morning, plus it’s fun. Throughout kindergarden, she didn’t even think about it. But things are different now,  she started big girl school… On the first day, I realised that I was the only parent […]

  • Sandwich Rolls

    This weekend I’m going on a picnic with friends who have kids. So the big question with these things is always: what do you bring? Let me show a simple idea that has been a big hit with my family. So, sandwiches are a classic, right – but sometimes you want to make things a […]

  • Skin Nourishing Bath Tea Recipe

    Here’s a great bath tea recipe (and Christmas is coming ) that makes a beautiful gift too! At the end, I give some suggestions for herbs to use along with their different properties – hope you like it! We make this bath tea recipe at home – it’s a favorite around here for two very specific […]